Sleep Paralysis or Being Attacked by a Ghost/Spirt?

Sleep Paralysis
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In the realm of the esoteric and occult, there exists a phenomenon that has perplexed and intrigued practitioners for centuries: sleep paralysis. Is it a mere scientific occurrence or a spiritual encounter with the ethereal realm? Join us on a captivating exploration as we delve into the depths of this enigmatic experience and unravel its mysteries, drawing from ancient wisdom and modern research.

Unveiling the Science

Sleep paralysis, at its core, is a natural state that occurs during the transition between wakefulness and sleep. Exploring the scientific aspects behind this occurrence enhances our understanding of its foundations. Researchers have discovered that during sleep paralysis, the body experiences a temporary paralysis, effectively safeguarding us from acting out our dreams and potentially causing harm to ourselves. This state is believed to result from a disrupted sleep cycle, irregular sleep patterns, or underlying sleep disorders.

The Supernatural Encounter

While science provides a rational explanation for sleep paralysis, it often fails to capture the extraordinary experiences reported by those who have endured it. Many practitioners believe that sleep paralysis can serve as a gateway to the spirit realm, allowing encounters with ethereal beings and astral entities. Countless ancient texts, such as the grimoires and sacred books, shed light on rituals and spells that can be employed to navigate and protect oneself during these encounters.

Mystical Practices for Transcendence

Drawing from the wisdom of witches, shamans, and meditation practitioners throughout history, there are several array of practices to empower individuals when facing sleep paralysis or supernatural encounters. These rituals may include:

  1. Protection Spells: Tap into the energy of the Earth and invoke ancient incantations to create a protective shield against malevolent forces.
  2. Astral Projection Techniques: Delve into the mystical art of astral projection to explore the astral plane consciously and with intention, transforming sleep paralysis into a spiritual journey.

Shamanic Rituals

Shamans, with their deep connection to the spiritual realm, possess invaluable knowledge and rituals to assist individuals in navigating the realm of sleep paralysis. Incorporating these practices into your spiritual toolkit can provide a sense of empowerment and protection:

  1. Dreamcatcher Ceremony: Create and utilize a sacred dreamcatcher infused with intention to filter out negative energies and promote peaceful and lucid dreaming.
  2. Spirit Animal Invocation: Call upon your spirit animal during sleep paralysis to guide and protect you through the encounter. Connect with their energy and wisdom to navigate the ethereal realms.

Balancing Science and Supernatural

While it’s important to honor both scientific and supernatural perspectives, finding a balance between the two can provide a more holistic understanding. Recognize that sleep paralysis is a scientifically acknowledged phenomenon, while also acknowledging the spiritual significance it holds for many practitioners.

Bridging the Gap

In recent years, researchers have begun to explore the connection between sleep paralysis and the mystical experiences reported by practitioners. Studies have suggested that certain neurological conditions and states can induce hallucinations during sleep paralysis, blurring the line between scientific and supernatural explanations.

Sleep paralysis remains an intriguing and multi-faceted phenomenon, weaving together elements of science, spirituality, and the unknown. By embracing both scientific discoveries and ancient wisdom, we can navigate these ethereal encounters with greater clarity and empowerment. Remember to approach sleep paralysis with an open mind and a respect for the mystical realm, allowing it to unveil its secrets and offer profound insights into the nature of our consciousness.


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Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this article is not intended as medical advice. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your health, it is important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

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This has happened to me 2 or 3 times over the course of a year, and it’s honestly scared the living shit out of me.
I was completely sound asleep, and then I was awoken by this horrible presence. I just felt like there was a very evil presence looming right over me. I was awake, but I could not open my eyes, and I could not move a muscle no matter how hard I tried. I started to panic, and I remember telling my limbs to physically move, but I could not move any part of my body to save my life. Then I felt something pushing me down further into my bed. Whatever the presence was, it felt very evil. I just felt overwhelmed with fear. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn’t. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t.
Now, I’m Catholic. I believe in God, and I believe in Jesus. But I’m not one of those extremely religious people. So I’m not just some crazy person making up a story here. I don’t really go to church, but I pray sometimes when I feel the need to. And when this episode was happening to me, I desperately felt the need to pray to God. I was afraid that I was being possessed or something. So I started saying Hail Mary’s in my head because I could not speak. I prayed in God and I asked him to make this evil presence go away. Literally as soon as I did that, I felt something lift off me. I could move again, and I woke up, shaken. I couldn’t sleep in my bedroom for a couple of nights. I was seriously disturbed. That was about a year ago, and just a couple of nights ago, it happened to me again.
I just dont know what this is. I remember in my psychology class that I read something about sleep paralysis, but it was something that scientists could not fully understand what causes it. Was this just sleep paralysis that I was feeling, or was it what I really think it was…an evil spirt that forced itself onto me, and restrained me? It was the most scary, unusual thing that’s ever happened to me. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Does anyone have a logical explanation, or any information regarding this phenomenon?

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I have had the same experience and so have other people I know. I find saying the Lord’s prayer or Lord have Mercy in your head will make it leave. I believe these episodes occur when someone has put a spell on you. You would be surprised how many people play with black magic. Nothing can touch you if you believe in God.


I have been experiencing different things for years. I am 44 yrs old and remember as far back as when I was 20 years old and it felt like a woman was laying above me while I was sleeping. It felt evil and I was very frightenend at the time. It happened a few times and when I started calling out the name Jesus it would go away. Trying to say the name Jesus is hard at first but the more I try to say it the clearer it gets and I am able to say his name over and over again. A few years ago I was taking a nap on the floor and I was sleeping but felt a large male presence standing over me as I slept. I was lying on the floor at the time and I was able to reach above my head where I felt the presence and I felt hard black shoes. I was very afraid. I said Jesus over and over again and it left me. Most of the time I feel a strong presence that scares me and I say Jesus over and over again and I feel it leave. It’s amazing how many people have experienced this. Just last night I was lying in bed sleep and it felt like someone sat on the edge of the bed (on the side) where I was sleeping and just sat there. I tried really hard to move and for the first time I could feel my body twitching back and forth. It was hard to call out the name of Jesus but I did and it left. When I have these experiences I have been known to grab my bible and sleep with it and not have anymore issues. There is power in the word and in the name of Jesus. I wish I knew what causes this and why it happens to some people and not others. I am scared to talk to someone because they may think I’m crazy.

Joel Guerra

This happens to me, It got so bad at one time that I ended up getting use to it. It is terrifying to experience, you feel as if you were lying in your own bed half awake and you feel a evil energy slowing surrounding you; making you fearful on an unbelievable level. You can’t talk, move or if so you can do very little of it, as if trapped inside your own skin with something else with you, something not human. While your trapped, you can sometimes hear something eerie, a voice or whisper. Whether its real or not, when your in the moment, you feel helpless.I’ll tell you, it definitely makes you realize there is such thing as good and evil In the world. But don’t be afraid, there are other people like you and I out there. Since I started to believe more in good spirit, I have a source of power to combat that, because in that moment, it’s all you have to use, and what a weapon it is.


This has happend to me as far back as I can remeber I dont what it is but I know the only thing that ever changes is I wake up in the way I fell asleep this scares the shit out of me I know its not a dream and what ever it is floating above is not good in any way I have only meet one person that has had the same thing happen. I wish I knew what this means or what it is but this I know it still happens to me and I usally dont tell alot of people but it is real


IM a little scared, i don’t know what to think. Its almost like i dont know if i was awake or asleep i don’t think i was asleep yet, it didn’t feel like actual hands around my throat. But i couldn’t yell i couldn’t move n it seemed like i could only open my eyes slightly. I think i saw something i don’t know what exactly but i couldn’t move ot almost felt like when ur arm falls asleep only it was all over my body.and the chucking almost felt like my tonsils were swelling. very confused but i can’t go back to
sleep. IM not at home either IM at work at an adult family home…any advice?


The same thing happened to me last night I was asleep then next thing my eyes were open.I couldnt move a muscle or speak I could hardly breath I was scared for my life I tryed to scream my sister name for help then my right side started to twich. Then i felt my body try to sit up but it wasnt me who was doing it . I prayed to god to help me. After I prayed I went down slowly like as if i was floating i woke up I ihavent told anyone yet :[ my house is pretty creepy too ..


Same thing happened to me in an old motel room last summer. It was about 3:15 am, I was sleeping on my stomach. It felt as someone was stepping on the foot of the mattress, and crouching over me. It was a very dark and evil spirit. I was frozen, couldn’t speak, the spirit of fear overwhelmed me. I couldn’t even take a breath! I focused and realized I had someone who could handle this for me, so with all my might I was able to barely say through my clenched jaw, “JESUS”! It was all I could say, so I just started repeating it, “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, JESUS”! It got easier and easier to say & I literally felt the daemon lift off of me and the mattress. I got up, winded and wore out & walked to the bathroom…I noticed that the curtains were open…I had just shut them the night before! I took a shower and got out of there. For me, it was simple, this was a spirituall attack & The solution to this was JESUS. Friends, “Cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you” I Peter 5:7


I’m not really catholic more spiritual belief then anything I use protection toward evil , stones and lavender to help me sleep. But lately I have been feeling like I’m being choked….I don’t panic or give in it because that what the spirit wants you to do. Spirits can test you good or evil doesnt matter,but as long as you have faith in Him he will save you no matter what it is a scientific reason or a spiritual reason. Cause sometimes it can even come right down to yourself putting pressure on yourself so much so that it feels like an evil spirit( the mind is a wonderful thing never take it for granted.) Specially if you are stressed out to the point of scaring yourself into believing that a spirit was physically present. It’s happen to me a few times I talked to my doctor about it that is what they are there for…my result was becuase I was sleep deprived. People will do what they need to make themselves feel safe. Saying Jesus’ name is one of them. Thinking positive thoughts and having positive energy brought into the room is another. It is a scary feeling knowing that they do exist but the most comforting knowledge is knowing that we cant give into it. We can’t allow a spirit in to us for them to take or have or take our bodies over. And the most comfortable knowledge is that we do have jesus and we can Believe in ourselves and believe in our hearts for positive engery and healing ourselves with knowledge and power of god to aid every step of the way.


Ya the same situation happened with me 4 days ago….
I was sleeping and suddenly felt that something went inside ma body….i felt it as a ghostly woman…i was unable to open my eyes…couldn’t even move my hands and legs. Not even my fingers…i was yelling and screaming same like ghost….but no one sleeping beside me could hear. This happened for at least 4-5 minutes. Then i started praying god in my mind…immediately i felt ma body lighter and i could move ….shit i was the second time situation. I am really afraid. Please help me out of this crap…..


im 17 and i started having dreams like that when i was 9 or 10. These dreams are the scariest thing ever. Iv forced myself to stay up for nights on end because i was so scared that it would happen. I still get them quite regularly. I keep it to myself because like others have mentioned its kinda crazy to someone thats never experienced it. I have a few questions if anyone could answer them that would be awesome. First when you feel like your making the groaning mummbled sound do others actually hear it? Like if you were to be next to someone would they hear the sounds like you do? Also the other day i didnt have much sleep and i was sitting in bed and this terrible fear came over me and my body just couldnt tell if i was awake or sleeping. i started balling my eyes out. I was awake. Is there anything that can help? I do not believe at all that this is a spirit or a demon out to get me. Iv never prayed to anyone as this happened. Please any advise is welcome.


This morning I was dreaming. In my dream I felt the presence of a ghostly woman. As soon as I turned to see who it was I woke up but couldn’t move a single muscle. I screamed at the top of my lungs and there was no sound. I felt the presence of the woman in my dream in my room. She was holding me down. I could only see a dark figure. The presence felt angry and evil.this is the second time this has happened to me. I think there is something beyond explanation…. something from another world.

dannielle warren

This happens to me as well, it happened twice while I was asleep, but the other night in front of my children and partner. I was standing in the kitchen and everyone else was in the lounge(we have open planned living) and all of a sudden I fell to the ground with this tremendous pressure on me. I couldn’t move, scream for help Nothing!!! I was trying to yell get of me stop it but I couldn’t make a noise. My family came running to me to see what was going on, apparently I was struggling and making weird noises. So not sure what’s going on, but I try not to think about it cause it doesn’t make any sense to me, if it happens again I’ll see a priest.

Dimuthu Perera

My beloved friends, all evil are known to be negative energies the formula to be nutral is to bring a positive to nagarive which is whithin everyone of us. You see I happened to have experienced soooooo many terrifying evil in sleep and awake like u guys Ive neen srudying this for years and it really worked for me! It will work for u guys too. the only way is to do as much as good u can and please the God wn u are a good soul u build confidence and all your good positive energy become stronger and stronger every time u do a good deed and the even the Satan will be scared to reach u never let a single chance that Lord gives u to do a good action to be in vain even a smallest one which sometime you think u cannot be bothered. Before u pray at night tell the lord how to tried to please the Him, pray the Lord and pray for your gardien Angel Sooner ur eveil experience will be a far history
Keep us Updated
With Love
Dimuthu (Imu)


Ugh… I am a somewhat spiritual person… I’m 15 and this has happened to me alot… Think it’s scarey for you adults? Imagine it as you are a mere child! When I was around 12 years old this first came upon me I was in my room bunk bed had the worst dreams that night one where I was going in a swimming pool and we felt something evil come in the room as this person walked in… We jumped in the pool in fear and something else happened after that the vision is blurry sorry!
But as I awoke I could not breathe nor speak and I saw a shadow walking through the doorway as if it was watching me.. I saw the covers swoop over me and I could not do anything then I felt as if it was taking something from me pushing down on my chest area as if it was searching for something… As soon as it stopped I stayed like that for almost 15min. Scared to even breath out my mouth the entire time I was saying ” lord jesus please I’m sorry help me! ” Of course in my head
I ran into my parents room and they would not wake up for sh** they we’re sleeping as if they we’re under a spell. I walked back in my room and I saw my curtain make a face expression as if something was still in the room trying to fool me. I was scared but honestly did not give a damn and went back to sleep only to experience about 6 more evil dreams.
IT HAS HAPPENED to me recently though last night I awoke in my brand new house I am 15 now as I stated earlier only to feel the same thing I could not see nor move nor speak and when I finally got up I felt as if something was still there I look at the clock it’s just turning 3:01….AM I did speak my prayers but I suppose it was meant to happen..


I have fought this problem since I was very young. This is a bad thing, it will attack and attack. The last time it happen to me I cried out in my head, the same words I remember hearing the priest saying on that movie the exorcits, as I was unalbe to speak. Then for the first time a beautiful blue light appeared, that seemed to moving it was alive. All of a sudden I was released and it has not happened to me since, and that was appoximately 3 – 4 years ago. I have suffered with this problem for over 40 years. My advice to anyone who has this problem is to pray the rosary every day. I have had experience even worse than this, it has scared me beyond words. I have had no one to turn to, as I feared others would think I am crazy. As a child I tried to talk to my mother, but only to have her tell me, I was only imagining things and not to tell anyone things llike this as they would only think I am crazy.


I had a dream about this last night. I felt a presense come over my head, and hold me down. I tried to scream, but nothing would come out. The presense moved down my body, when it did I could scream. I screamed God help me! several times…the presense laughed at this. it then started to pull down my pants…sorry, but true. I basically played tug of war with it for several minutes…all the while scraming for God to help me. In this nightmare my husband walked in the room, and I woke up. I felt the presense leave from me. I was so terrified that I couldn’t go back to sleep for 2 hours. I have heard spirits in my house since I moved in, but have never felt fear like that in my life. I don’t want to go back to sleep tonight because I am so scared!


I had a very similar episode last night and have had episodes like that over the past few years. I am also not a religious person but saying Hail Mary has helped in the past. This is the first time I have been hearing about sleep paralysis and it does make sense as I also have very irregular sleeping patterns. The first few times that I have had it, when describing it to my medical practitioner I got the feeling that she thought I was crazy. I do however find it a bit odd that almost everyone that has experienced sleep paralysis have had the hallucination of a demon or evil entity pinning them down and that most times prayer has helped them combat it. Whether the cause is spiritual or purely sleep related the experience is terrifying .

D. Dreams

I can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. I used to suffer sleep paralysis but now I suffer it without the paralysis and that scary feeling has intensified times ten in my dreams. The nightmare I had felt so real that even when I woke up there was no difference in the reality. It wasn’t an out-of-body experience either because I was looking out using my body: When I woke up everything was in the same point of view and position but in a different color like I was in a different dimension when I was asleep. The feeling was so heavy and unbearable and evil that I knew that I would die if I opened my eyes. I must have died too because when I opened my eyes the second time, I went straight into another dream (ever watch the movie Inception? It was like that). The color of the room changed, and a woman and a man were in that “dimension” of the dream. They were the cause of the feeling–the immense heavy fright that spilled into the other “dimension” of the dream. I’ve suffered from sleep paralysis, but this could literally scare you to death. When I could open my eyes, the feeling was completely gone. Everything in my room was in the exact same position, while the transition from dream to reality felt just as real as reality, like I had closed my eyes and opened them 2 times only to see that the color of the room had changed. I’ve never had a nightmare like this or one that was like sleep paralysis without the paralysis and ten times scarier. The freakiest part was that the room did not change, and it’s freaky because I didn’t fall asleep seeing it. so you’d think it would have been different from when I awakened, but I know that the brain has its ways: Sometimes you can’t picture a face clearly but it shows vivid details in dreams. What’s wrong with me? I had the feeling twice in two weeks. It’s sleep paralysis to the next level, a virus that has developed immunity to sleep intoxication. It has become sleep non-paralysis. Anybody have a clue as to what this sleep disorder could be? Say nightmare and die because it’s happened when I’m awake too but without the paralysis. Prayer makes it go away, but it’s not real.


I have had it happen to me several times in the course of a ten year period. the first time it happened I did not see anything but I knew that it was coming. I just stared at the door knowing that something was coming . Then I heard a voice in my ear it called out my name it was like a whisper it said “MIchael” and i snapped out of it. After that the time it has happened my eyes open and I cannot move again but I see a dark shadow standing and watching me I cannot see it’s face. I have tried to fight it and I never know when it’s coming but it has happened several times in the past month the last time I saw i it was floating in the center of the room looking down at me. I don’t know what it is or what is going on but I know that it is a terrifying experience .

Rudy T

I can tell you from personal experience that this is not just in your head.
I also have had similar experience’s. Just like the one you did. I awoke from a falling dream, unlike what my psych teacher told me, that you don’t land in those dreams, I did. When I awoke I could not move, not a single muscle. I could not even speak, I tried to scream and could not. I do not know how long I was in that position but after however long i began to cramp all over my body so the pain was pretty intense. I have come to the conclusion that it was, I believe the same is true for you, a spiritual battle. I very well may be diagnosed as some sleep paralysis, but just because you name a dog buster doesn’t stop him from being a dog. Just because they give it a name like sleep paralysis, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have spiritual implications. Never discount that the enemy can use your own intellect to deceive you. I pray that you will truly come to the knowledge of who Jesus Christ is and How much He loves you and wants you to accept Him as your Savior. “No one comes to the Father except by me” When you do pray remember these words. They come from the Bible. Do not pray to anyone else only God, in the name of Jesus. Not Mary, or paul or peter, or james, or anyone.
God bless you


I suffer from sleep paralysis with hypnagogic hallucinations. What this means is that I wake up, completely unable to move, feeling like there is an evil presence in the room, something out to get me. It also feels difficult to breathe – sometimes feel like I’m being choked or something is sitting on my chest.
I have seen, with my eyes closed, a man walk into the room and look at me, heard an evil demonic voice detail how it was going kill me, etc. These are all symptoms of sleep paralysis with hynagogic hallucinations, otherwise known as hag syndrome.
Nothing is out to get you – it is a real sleep disorder that can be scary and disturbing. Essentially what happens is you wake up while your body is still in dream mode. Your brain sends out a chemical to keep you still while you sleep – not perfectly still, but you don’t act out your dreams. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain wakes up, but the chemical that keeps your body still during sleep is still being sent out.
Sleep paralysis episodes can last anywhere from 2 to 7 minutes. Things that trigger sleep paralysis are most commonly stress and irregular sleeping patterns (napping, sleeping in, going to bed late, etc.) Also, lying supine (on your back) is more likely to lead to a sleep paralysis episode than other sleep positions.
Drugs used to treat sleep paralysis include neurontin and klonopin. I take neurontin for the occasional flare-up.
To help yourself get out of an episode once you can move – get up and move around for a few minutes. This helps “reset” your body, so to speak. If you don’t get up as soon as you can move and just try going back to sleep, you can slip right into another sleep paralysis episode. I’ve had that happen a few times.
See your doctor if the sleep paralysis episodes get frequent. Your doc can prescribe one of the medications I listed to help prevent them. Hope this helps and good luck.
EDIT: Saying sleep paralysis is a spiritual battle is like saying schizophrenia is a spiritual battle – schizophrenics have very realistic hallucinations and fight evil voices all the time. If it helps, I once believed that “something” was after me, spiritually speaking. Absolutely NOTHING is after you or anyone else – the hallucinations are extremely vivid and very real, that’s why they are HALLUCINATIONS. Most people will have one or two episodes of sleep paralysis in their lives, but there are chronic sufferers. There is no “spiritual battle”. It’s a treatable medical disorder. Here’s a link with more info –


its either hypnogagia pr hypnopompia i cant remember which but it is sort of like a hallucination caused by being in the state between complete rem sleep and completely awake you cant move and you see things its just the brain playing tricks


What does the Bible teach ?Spirit creatures hpw they affect us.


I have had dreams where I was trying to wake myself up like this because I’m being attacked by demons. I’m not able to move or speak and the most I hear come out of my lips are just mumbled ramblings.


It was Freddie.

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