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Sleep paralysis, or Astral Catalepsy?

okay, i dont know if i have either one of those two, but for so long i have been waking up and not being able to move, and not be able to breathe, and there is a terrible pressure in my head, that it feels like my head is going to exlplode and my brain is being squeezed so hard. i have episodes, like it will happen every night for like a week, then go away for a few weeks, then when it comes back , the experience gets stronger, like the pressure in my head increases, its gotten so bad now, that every time im sure i will die, . on a night that it happens, i will be falling asleep then suddenley it will happen, i’ll snap out of it, then it will happen again like maybe 8 times before i can finally go to sleep, it happens more as i fall asleep, then when im waking up.ive read the sleep paralysis things, and ive learned about the astral catalepsy, but nothing explains the pressure in my head.


  • I had this. Its very scary. I am currently awaiting tests results from the test I had at a sleep clinic. We think it is sleep apnea. It’s where you pause your breathing in your sleep for anything up to about 30 seconds up to 30 times and hour! It temporarily starves your body of oxygen, which is why you get the feeling in your head and sometimes chest. You may get very tired during the day due to the poor quality of sleep. Don’t worry, it’s very common and rarely dangerous. But check out the symptoms on line and see a doctor. The tests aren’t bad at all and it’s great to know what the problem is. There are various ways to treat it, the most popular being a mask to wear at night that ensures correct airflow. Good luck to getting good sleep xxxxxxxx

  • It’s sleep paralysis. The next time it happens concentrate on moving your pinky finger. You’ll snap out of it.

    Are you sleep-deprived? Sleep paralysis can get worse if you’re not getting enough sleep. Try going to bed earlier.

  • Sounds like a mixture of sleep paralysis and a sleep based breathing disorder.

    The lack of oxygen would explain the pressure in your head. I would go to see a quack to get it checked out.

    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks

  • thats used to happen to me all the time when I was younger, not sure why it happened, but it did. I think I grew out of it…

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