sleep paralysis or alien abduction?

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I have had a re occuring dream about aliens since i was fairly young (maybe 5 or 6) and I`ve done lots of research on the subject. ÃŒve not yet been able to come to a conclusion on if it was sleep paralysis or reality. Im not crazy lol, I just would like to know if anyone out there is having the same problem or any feedback on the subject would be great. thanks so much 🙂

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Sleep paralysis does not usually involve hallucinations, it is paranormally speaking usually put down to the behaviour of an Incubus or a Succubus so I would rule that out. What you have to ask yourself is, other than the vivid ‘dream’ with the Aliens, is there anything else that backs this theory up such as marks on your body or clothes ripped etc!….

fish guy

While I can almost guarantee there are aliens out there somewhere, the chances that they would actually be able to get to Earth are very, very slim. You are just dreaming. Lots of people have recurring dreams. I have a recurring dream that I am being attacked by someone and can’t yell out for help, I just lose my voice in my dreams. I guess it’s just a subconcious fear thing. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.
On a slightly different note, have you ever heard of a lucid dream? It’s a dream where you know you are dreaming and you can do whatever you want because you are in total control. All you need is some sort of trigger. It took a long time but I trained myself to realize I am dreaming every time I have my recurring nightmare, then I make things fun so I wake up feeling good instead of stressed. Look up lucid dreams and give it a try.

Love and light

An unlikely, but possible possibility is that you are simply remembering your astral travelling. Of course if you mean funny shaped green things that are evil etc then its just some weird dream.
When we sleep we often go astral travelling, whether it be on earth or on other planets. So indeed this is a possibility, however unlikely.
If it is exactly them same dream over and over again then I would say its not this. But if it is on the same planet, or different planets then its a possibility.
I cant help much more without knowing your dream.
And now you think im crazy 🙂



stainless steven

This is not so surprising, since you say you have done a lot of research regarding aliens. It simply shows that your sub concious mind is active.


Hallucinations do indeed occur during sleep paralysis. In that condition, you are semi-conscious and do either hallucinate or have “waking dreams” while it is occurring. This is why persons see and feel surreal and distressing things while they also feel somewhat lucid and as if they are in a familiar place (often in in their bed). Researchers on the subject do speculate that alien abduction reports are the *modern-day version* of medieval reports of being attacked by incubi and succubi. When I first began having sleep paralysis episodes–when a teenager, I would have the experience of being attacked and restrained, and squeezed by sticky, black, humanoid beings. I was very religious at that time, so I didn’t interpret it as “aliens” but as “demons.” When I stopped believing in demons, I still had sleep paralysis episodes, but the sticky black beings disappeared and other kinds of dream content emerged. Sleep paralysis is different from lucid dreaming although a kind of lucidity occurs in sleep paralysis. Different areas of the brain and neurochemical reactions are occurring. Sleep paralysis is marked by high anxiety and relates to being partly conscious while the physical body remains asleep (the brain secretes chemicals to keep the body immobile while sleeping). Lucid dreaming is usually a pleasant experience that is unrelated to awareness of the sleeping physical body. None of it is supernatural. And it is highly unlikely that you are experiencing alien visitations.

DC Agar

I had the same problem, until I met another person who testified to having ended it forever. She said she heard a voice tell her to “Plead the Bl**d of Chr*st against them to stay away!” as she saw them from her bed. She said it, and they never came back.
I thought at first that I was hearing the story of someone who had seen the same beings as me, but was telling it after running the story through her own religious filter 3 or 4 times. Then I considered that if I was truly as open-minded as I preferred to think I was, how did I really know?
I actually found my own faith after that and when my next abduction happened I said the woman’s prayer for myself. It actually works.


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