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Sleep paralysis- mysterious or scientific?

How do you explain this scientifically…because some people say they are not just paralyzed, but they see things such as black hooded figures, or they feel pressure or they get hot??
here is a good example of one of these experiences:
(not mine)


  1. I do not believe that all sleep paralysis can be scientifically explained. Can science explain the cases of it where people actually wake up with marks in the exact places from their nightmares? How about the cases where people have prayed to stop an episode?

  2. Sleep paralysis is basically just when your brain deposits DMT into itself while you’re awake. DMT is a chemical naturally produced by your brain, used by your brain when you sleep and also right before you die. It is what causes hallucinations in dreams. Your brain is in control of all your senses, which is why people may “feel” something pressing down on them or “see” black hooded figures.

  3. When you go to sleep, your brain essentially disconnects from your body. This is a safety measure to make sure you stay relatively still and in one spot while you sleep. You can dream about doing something without actually doing it.
    Sleep paralysis occurs when you start to wake up, but your brain hasn’t reconnected yet. You can’t actually move, even if you try, and you panic because you’re not aware that you’re not connected. In a half-asleep state, your mind starts inventing reasons why you can’t move, so you can’t help but dream that you’re restrained, or there are monsters etc. You’re aware that you can’t move, and you’re aware of your surroundings, but you’re not aware that part of your brain is still trying to dream.

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