Sleep paralysis Incubi, Old hag and shadow. Are they real?

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Are all them stories about seeing weird people while in sleep paralysis real or are they the sort of thing like UFOs where there is no way of telling if they are real? I suffer from it and havent seen anyone?

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Sleep paralysis is real. Sometimes people are emerging from a dream state (or very rarely, entering one), so they think they see a figure. It can seem very real, but it’s just a trick of the mind.

Dont Trip

you know how you get shocked and u get “paralyzed” for a bit and how your mind plays tricks on you so i guess sleep paralysis is both of this things combined in depends if you believe in ghost or not


when you wake up paralyzed, your body is still kind of stuck in dream mode. when you sleep, your body paralyzes itself so you don’t act out your dreams in real life. when you wake up like that and see things you’re just still a little stuck in dream mode, and it shouldn’t last for very long. try to remind yourself of that, and don’t get too stressed about it.


Sleep paralysis is when you achieve consciousness before your brain chemistry changes out of REM sleep completely and you are still paralyzed from that situation. The images are the awake part of your brain trying to “Make sense” of the situation. Health concerns only show up if you become over anxious about the episode for a prolonged period. It is estimated to happen to 98% of human population at least once in life.
If it occurs repeatedly or constantly, it would be good to see your doctor and maybe get a referral for a Neurologist.
It is quite normal and the old traditional name for it is “The Old Hag”the newer ones are “Vampire” “Incubus/succubus”, or “UFO/Aliens”.


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