Sleep Paralysis .. how do you like it?

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Have you ever had any experience with this sleep paralysis thing?
I brought this up b/c it happened 2me just this morning. I walked into my room, turned the tv on. I took a nap and i woke up because i heard something. It sounded like a wierd static or ringing/ buzzing in my ear. It gradually got louder. I tried to open my eyes but I couldnt. I tried yelling but i couldnt. My jaw was clenched real tight.
Soon, i thought it heard a voice. I heard someone saying “where are they? where are they?” In my head i said theyre not here. Then the static/buzzing stopped right after. I opened my eyes and i got up.
I dont know if the voice thing was a dream or not but i know i heard the static and im sure i wasnt able to move for 2plus minutes.
Some people think ‘sleep paralysis’ is caused by a change in your sleeping patterns. Some people think its caused by stress. Some religious ppl think its becaused of ‘demons’ or uneasy souls.
Whatever the cause, that sh.t was freaky.
What do u think? If youre good at psycology or anything like this, what do u think the cause is?
If youve experienced this b4, please share.

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its creepy and scary it is the dreams you are pasleep and still sleepin the tv was talking and crossed into the dream


I do not like it.
You can’t tell what’s going on.
Once, when I was in bed, I was up for about 5 minutes and I couldn’t move at all. When I woke up, I was all freaked out and disoriented and everything. I heard everything too loud and I wasn’t sure if I was really awake.

The smart guy (Not Perfect)

Not sure about sleep paralysis but, I experienced a term doctors call, “The Old Hag Syndrome” where when I was in the state of sleeping (I don’t know if I was sleeping for sure, but I was trying to sleep listening to my cd player) and I was paralyzed and I couldn’t move. Now picture this, I couldn’t breath! I felt I was suffocating and some force pushed me down the bed all while I had my eyes open (I had them closed obviously, but then I just opened them like you said too) then I was terrified for some reason. But, as in my religion I called Jesus’ name and it went away. I know it sounds weird but it’s a true personal story. I’m not worried though, many have experienced it, though it may vary, it’s normal and nothing paranormal about it. I don’t know if sleep paralysis is the same as the old hag syndrome but, it’s out there. Google it or Yahoo! it in search engines, keyword “Old hag syndrome.”
I have a link below:


I hate it. its the worst feeling ever! a couple days ago i was lying in bed and it happened… for the 100th time or more.. and i saw someone watching me.. i mean, i didnt see it but in my “dream” or w/e i did. and it was a girl. i couldnt breath talk or move i was just STUCK. and she was just STARING. i tried so hard to move but i couldnt and i almost gave up… but then i didnt want to give up because in the moment it seems sooo real so i forced myself to move my finger and it worked.. i got up opened my eyes and at that moment i realized the girl watching me sleep was ME. freaky stuff. i dont know why i was watching myself i wish i could get an answer for that. anyway if it happens to you try try try to move a body part. i get sleep paralysis mostly when i dont sleep for more than 7 hours. sleep is key!! the rest…. MYSTERY


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