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Sleep paralysis ghost question?

Has anyone ever had sleep paralysis but in a different way than what they say usually happens?
Since I was little I’ve had that happen to me every once in a while. I’ve talked to ppl about it and some say it has happened to them too. I always thought it was just your body being overly tired and it is forcing you to sleep yet your brain is still moving about with thoughts and being aware of your surroundings.
I don’t get the breathing heavy problem. But I can hear stuff or feel stuff. It’s weird because I can be deep in a dream and when it happens it like wakes me up, yet I can’t move, but I force myself to. Even weirder, sometimes when that happens the dream I’m in suddenly turns crappy or weird.
There have been times that is seemed like a SP, but it’s not like I can’t move. I have been awakened by what it feels like someone sitting on the bed, jumping on the bed, touching my hair and head, putting what felt like a cold nose on my forehead, and voices. Sometimes I can tell before I sleep that something will happen, I get a weird feeling and then something like that happens and then I move to another room to sleep!
Has anyone ever had the same experiences? Could it be SP or possibly ghosts for the touching parts. As when those occurrences happened, it didn’t feel like SP it would just wake me up.
Thanks to everyone who answered! I appreciate it!
I also wanted to add that when the weird “ghost” stuff happens like the being touched, it’s a little different from the paralysis feeling. I had experiences too with feeling like something in face face whispering crazy nonsense. One time at my old house after I moved out my brother got my old room and nothing scary ever happened there, and he doesn’t have the paralysis. But my mom told me he was scarred and slept on the couch one night due to him saying something grabbed him and pulled him half way off the bed. Freaked me out. Nothing like that happened again but weird. During one of the Paralysis episodes, there have been times I didn’t try to wake myself up and just let it go and nothing happened. Just the weird feeling. So I don’t know. It’s a mystery. I guess it could be the body being so stressed it forces stuff, but all the weird stuff that can happen with it is so strange.


  1. I’ve had those experiences and my mom has them too. I haven’t had them in a while though. I can hear my mom having them when I’m sleeping sometimes. She tries to yell but she can’t.

  2. i believe it’s ghosts as you put it, but most people on Y!A will give you some logical medical answer or tell you ur nuts

  3. I have had this very same thing happen to me with same way you explain it. It is very scary. Ive had it so bad that I thought there was a “monster” sitting on my chest. Of course not a monster but
    i didnt know what to think, i just didnt think it was human. A few time i though someone had broke into my house and were suffocating me. This is SP!! I actually didnt even know that there was such a thing until recently. I was always so ashamed to tell anyone too.
    Ive watched a special on alien abuductions where they describe the same thing and say that it was aliens…of course doctors explainations for it was SP. So who knows…maybe its “the other side” or just your body and mind in two different stages

  4. look up Gary spivey (sp) he is a psychic I hear on the radio a lot in las vegas he seems truly gifted but I don’t like your experience sounds scary anyway I know Gary has a website and seems very easy to reach and even talk to um SURE he could help clear it up with who is around you, their aura and possibly what the heck they want w u
    Good luck

  5. It could also be “night terrors.” I have a girl in my class who describes having ocassional hallucinations right before she is about to fall asleep. I can’t tell you the exact reason this occurs, I don’t remember and it was probably really complicated, but we have learned about it in neuropsychology and there can be normal neurological causes to things like this. Seriously, even people who don’t have psychological problems can still experience things like this. I would suggest though that if it continues to happen or becomes a major problem then I might see a neurologist or psychiatrist.

  6. well dear,I’m going by what some shamans and psychics have refered to as a phenomenon called soul travel or astral projection. this is when your spirit or soul leaves your body when you sleep. It travels to diffrent places and levels of consciousness. the discomfort and experiences sound like what is called astral paralysis,it occurs when your soul returns and tries to get back into your body,and can beat you up a little in the process.I had that type of discomfort before also and the old folks used to tell me that witches were riding me and to put a broom in my room at night to keep them away.(you know folklore type of stuff)but it did feel like someone was messing with me,later on i learned that I vibrate on a high level and it was soul traveling,I’m sure you can find tons of stuff on the net to clarify this for you.I wish you a peaceful journey.

  7. I have sleep paralysis so I can tell you that what you explained is all normal. I have had an experience where I felt a presence in the room and tried screaming,nothing would come out and i couldn’t wake up for a few moments. on a seperate episode I have also felt like someone was close to my face and breathing deeply,another time I felt like I was being held down, another time I felt like someone pulled my hair,another time I felt like someone jumped on the bed. these are the ones i remember.

  8. it is because you are thinking to much do not stess your brain just divert your attention and before yo go to sleep have a good hot shower and relax do no think tooo much there is no Ghost
    Ghost are scared of human they will never harm unless and until you do some thing wrong

  9. This has happened to me MANY times. I have learned how to stop it too. I never really told people about it because of the fact that it is so scary. One time that it happened I actually saw a black figure in my room when I woke up. YES I BELIEVE IN Ghosts/Spirits or whatever it is. I can promise you something is out there. I realize people will think im nuts for posting this, but i have been there and done that. I want to help you. Anway, I finally told a friend of mine. He was Catholic. He told me that some say that feeling is “evil spirits trying to take over you”..do i believe THAT? no not really. i just believe they are there and dont know what to think of what for lol. but anyway he told me that when it happens to say the lords prayer and wear some rosary beads he gave me when i went to sleep. the next time it happened i was wearing the beads and well im not catholic so i just said my own prayer and told whatever it was to go away that i belong to Jesus Christ……it never happened again. If your not catholic maybe u could just try the prayer..when i get spooked out i just pray and it helps me. i let them know my soul belongs to Jesus Christ and to leave me alone….one more thing..i promise im not nuts..for some reason im sensitive to whatever “visits” us. i still have no clue what they are..ghosts..spirits..evil..not evil..well i believe there is evil and not evil i have felt the dif…but i cant always tell the dif..anyway good luck and pray! 😀

  10. I get sleep paralysis too. When it happens to me it fells like someone just pulled a sheet over me. From my feet up and over my head. I have learned to just try to move one finger, rather then trying to move my whole body. I come out of it faster that way. I do notices that it feel like I am going to die if I don’t try to move. Sometimes I just say I’m not going to move, but then I wonder if I might relay die. So I start trying to move again. As soon as I can move I can feel the sheet being pulled off of me. Like if someone is at the foot of my bed pulling it off. I can even hear the sheet moving. But there was no sheet there. That’s what is strange about it. It happens to me when I am on my stomach, so I don’t see what is around me. But this one time I did turn my head to see what looked like 4 things walking away. One was tall and thin, and the other three were very short and fat. They all had black hooded robes on, so I didn’t see what they looked like. They just faded away as they got farther away from me. I did not sleep the rest of the night. I had to turn the light on too. I kind of sleep during the the day time, and stayed up as long as I could for about five days after that. I still get sleep paralysis from time to time. But I have never seen what I saw that night ever again. I just keep my eyes closed for a while after now, just in case.

  11. The same thing happens but nothing touches me. I simply cannot move and I get the heavy breathing and cold feeling.
    What I do is, the same night, splash some holy water over the house and especially the bed and those things won’t happen for another seven to eight months.
    Once that time is up, you’ll need to do it again.

  12. i’ve had this for many years. sometimes it feels like something is touching your hair or face, and that feeling like a cat is walking across the bed, etc.
    had the aliens, ghost of deceased family members and friends, leaving the planet, watching myself sleep, levitation to a small degree, etc.
    it still scares the heck out of me.

  13. Had something like this happen a couple times. Oddly only started happening after a co-worker talked about it.
    Last night it happened for maybe the 3rd or 4th time. First it feels like a sheet or something is being pulled over me. Followed by the feeling of something at the foot of the bed tugging on the sheets.
    While I haven’t seen anything, the feeling like a cat or something walking across the bed is the same.

  14. Wow, it happened to me this morning. 6-15-2011. I was sound asleep and it felt like somebody was standing at the side of the bed pulling the sheet out from under me. It really felt like they were making up the bed but didn’t notice I was in it. Then I felt this surge of energy, which makes you fight to wake up because you don’t know what’s going on. After a few moments i was able to wake up to an empty quiet room. The dog was still sleep at the foot of the bed like nothing had happened.

  15. myy toes feel like someone is touching them,
    and pulling on then , sometimes hurt real
    bad.i have even seen my little toe pulled
    outword. squeezing on ankes and sides of
    feet, like someone rapped there hands
    orround my feet. the pain sometimes is like
    needles stabbing in one place. or in alot of
    Please help makes me want to cut of
    my feet.
    and pulling on then , sometimes hurt
    real bad.i have even seen my little toe pulled
    outword. squeezing on ankes and sides of
    feet, like someone rapped there hands
    orround my feet. the pain sometimes is like
    needles stabbing in one place. or in alot of
    Please help makes me want to cut of
    my feet.

  16. First you should look upon different causes .I have been experience something ;I first experienced scratching under the bed .I did a little research and the only thing that came up was wolf spider or bed bugs.Now even doe I haven’t seen any i took it as such.Now recently I’ve been experiencing something weird .I feel like something about the size of a cat walking around the bed as I sleep .Its been a scary feeling because I have awaken up in the middle of the night to find nothing.Ive softly called out jesus name a couple of times thinking its a demon or a cloaked alien.I know some people may laugh at this but only the best people keep an open mind.Now for a more down to earth idea ,I wanted to say maybe we are experiencing low blood pressure .The blood may be moving to fast or nerves are pulsating perhaps on a leg giving the feeling of movement on the bed.


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