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Sleep paralysis, floating and voices?

This is my second time posting this because I’m interested in what other people have to say and if they’ve experiences this before tell me how it went. Okay this is going to sound crazy I know but every since I can remember I would have sleep paralysis maybe 3 or 4 times a month. When I’m sleeping I would wake up paralyzed and I hear a really loud buzzing static sound right next to my head or I’d hear loud voices talking all at once (sounds like a group of people having a party in my room) but I can never understand what they’re saying because it sounds like it’s in another language or I hear evil demonic voices laughing. The voices actually sound like they’re in Latin or something no kidding. Also, during when I wake up paralyzed I feel like I’m floating out of my body. It’s the scariest experience ever! Has anyone else had this happen to them before???
I hate it when this happens because it’s sooooo scary! Is there any way to stop it???!!!
A few times I actually do literally “float” out of my body and into different parts of my house (if that makes sense?), then straight away I hear an extremely loud static noise it’s almost deafening and then I feel like a push and then BAM I wake up in my bed…wow that sounds creepy…
I can’t really explain it very well but I know I’m definitely not hallucinating when this happens because it’s nothing like a dream


  1. Sleep paralysis happens when you are dreaming and your brain blocks body movement so you won’t hurt yourself while dreaming. When you wake up you are still sort of in your dream just waking up,
    OBE: out of body experience are pretty common in that the soul wishes to go places on this plane of existence.

  2. Ok the only time I ever felt something like that is when I saw something and I couldt move or sream but I seen this and tv there r alot of thing about it Iam not trying to scard you or sound cazy but 1. It could be something like alien I hear people talk about foalting then seeing an alien but you didt see any 2. Ghoust there could be some in your house or 3. It the most reson able I could remember the name of it it a sickness in the brain that make u do this stuff when u are awake it cazy it could be a dream or not

  3. i’ve had those experiences before. out of body experiences can be difficult to manage depending how you react to them. the majority of all this stuff happened to me when i was very young. the only noise i’d ever heard was a very high pitched ringing. any voices i’ve heard were either familiar or at least recognizable. i still have lucid dreams though.
    you should go to a sleep center and have them check you out – just to see what’s going on and to make sure it’s not something (like a “glitch”) in your brain.

  4. After discovering what sleep paralysis was I looked back and realized it had happened to me quite a few times throughout the years, albeit on the milder side as far as sleep paralysis goes. About a year ago I had a pretty bad episode.
    I was drifting in and out until I finally fell asleep, only to be awakened with what felt like something very huge sitting on me, choking me and pushing my head into the pillow. It felt as real as anything I’ve ever experienced. Needless to say I turned on the light and didn’t go back to sleep. Luckily it has not happened since.

  5. wen u stated tht u was floating out of ur body,tht is called obe,out of body experience,i experienced somethng like tht except for my hands was rising in the air 1 after another,it was horrifying,ur right this is no hallucination,this is really happening,

  6. This happens to me fairly often, although usually not as extreme as the cases you describe. This morning was one of those rare instances where it was pretty bad, so I thought I’d come on here and share my techniques for dealing with it. Sleep paralysis is just a quirk of the conscious mind becoming aware of its surroundings while you’re still technically asleep.
    A good way to avoid it is to keep a regular sleep cycle as it is most common when sleep is interrupted or over extended (avoid napping and excessive sleeping in). Both audiotory and visual halicinations are also quite common, they feel different to dreams because you are still aware of your surroundings, which can make it quite scary the first few times. Someone also mentioned the feeling of suffocating, which is also quite common and scary during sleep paralysis. This comes from not being able to feel yourself breathe, even though you are. Concentrating on breathing in an out until the episode is over can be a good way to deal with this. I find the more you fight it and try to wake up, the scarier it becomes, because waking up and staying awake is quite difficult in this state. Often trying to wake up will lead to a tedious sequence of false awakenings where you dream of waking up but once again are unable to move.
    As for the floating out of body feeling, I’m happy to say nothing supernatural is going on, you’re just lucid dreaming. Many lucid dreamers actually seek the interrupted sleep cycles I mentioned should be avoided in order to induce a lucid dream state. Sleep paralysis and lucid dreams are closely related, and you can often use one to “springboard” to the other. Which brings me to my third technique for stopping sleep paralysis, and that is to allow myself to drift deeper into sleep. This should happen on its own by relaxing and not fighting the paralysis, but during a particularly vivid episode where you find yourself floating, you can enter lucid dreams by floating somewhere unknown. Try to float through a window or through the ceiling, often you’ll find yourself dreaming of somewhere completely new and you can either let yourself dream or continue to attept to control it. If that sounds worth trying but you can’t induce the floaty feeling from sleep paralysis, I have read that attempting to spin while in sleep paralysis is a good way to enter the lucid dream state. I’ve remembered to try this twice and it works a treat.
    So to summarise, prevent sleep paralysis by avoiding irregular sleep cycles, prevent the severity of the episodes by relaxing, not fighting it, and breathing deeply, and if that fails then entering a lucid dream state is a good way to escape for the intrepid dream traveller. Just remember, none of this is supernatural, it is all part of natural dreaming and there is nothing to fear but fear itself.
    Hope that helps!

  7. Hey i was just googlein n came across this i can definitely say that this a regular thing for me personally n I’m sure that putting a scientific name and reasoning on it that’s relatable for the general public would most possibly help alot of people in them not thinking there crazy which helps but i do think its a scientific way to justify something without it being psychic phenomenon each to there own and am not here to prove or disprove but i have lived with this everyday for as long as i can remember n i no who i am n wat i have learnt n the best advice i can give u is if you ignore them it will get worse take some control build up a language with them majority just want to b noticed or have something to tell u figure it out n they wil bak off it will b less scary becoz there is less frustration n won’t have to have dramatic experiences so u have to take notice and can’t forget it quickly ur not crazy n ur not the only one there are alot of unexplainable things in this world n people aren’t comfortable with things they can’t control so its only natural to try n rationalize it n it helps them but here’s another answer for u hope it helps u

  8. This happens too me often, I don’t know what it is linked to, but only seems to happen when i have more sleep then often, I can’t find a good answer why it happens, It is quite scary and i have found the only way of physically waking up out of it is to shake my head left and right quite fast, as i am able to move my head slightly to the left and right whilst under sleep paralysis which then wakes me up, Hope this helps someone as it helps me.

  9. yes Last night I felt I was definatley floating, and moving away from my body it felt so real and scary that i really tryed to wake out of it, it felt quite hard or even harsh to wake up.

  10. If mine was a halucination it was a good one. I was frozen solid floating above my bed staring into a face with no features that was bigger then my body my whole body was humming, i felt very much awake. When i was laid back down i popped up and started freaking out. I have also experianced some other things that where kinda personal and well interesting as well as a little scary. I need some help with this please let me know if you can help also i apoligize for my spelling im bad at it and my t9 is broken

  11. Hi. I’m glad I’ve found people sharing their experiences . I haven’t suffered in years until last night, yesterday I met a old friend he asked me if I was still religious I told him I had drifted away from my faith. Befor bed I watched a YouTube vid about hell and the devil, I fell asleep . I awoke and all of a sudden a sensation crippled me I couldn’t move fully awake I new it was back a shadow like a bat aprox 1m across fluttered from above I tried to screen and move I was unable I then managed to roll off my bed I floated across my room towards the door I made a attempt to screem with a split sec I was back in my bed I prayed to lord Jesus to go me strength corrage and help me I heard my door close shut and footsteps down stairs I moand for help thinking one of my parents was going down stairs to let the dog out then I was free. I turned the light on and could hear noises down stairs I thorght I would go down to talk to my mum or dad I opend my door no lights were on nobody was down stairs after I was so shaken up I cried I can’t remember the last time I cried it was bad however Jesus did help me he actually did so so strange . Today I feel sad scared and like it’s taken a toll on me. I hope anyone else suffering reading this doesn’t suffer like I did and can be strong . For future ref Jesus is the man call upon him he will help u . He did it for me. Good bless u allx

    • I just had my dream last night and I am so scared that I don’t even want to go to sleep. Any I don’t remember any noise but I do remember that I was having a headache. I remember that I was floating and spinning around in circles above my body. I don’t know what it is but I also want this to stop. Can anyone tell me what it is?

    • This has been going on with me for sometime. I feel like I’m floating above the bed and at it’s worst, it felt like I was being thrown into my wall, but stopped before I hit. I’m always awake, but CANNOT get my eyes open. I’ve had something growl loudly in my ear and sometimes felt as if something is around my neck. I scream so hard, but sometimes nothing comes out. I’m scared to death! This was happening quite a bit in the ladt year. I got to the point that I call out in the name of Jesus before I go to bed and sleep with a small light on. So far, it’s worked. But it’s only been a couple of weeks. I don’t want this happening. It’s terrifying


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