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Sleep Paralysis. Did I see my Guardian Angel?

I’m 16.
I was in and out sleep paralysis for about an hour, each time I got ‘paralyzed’ I pushed myself to move again until i got too weak to do so, so I just lay there and while I layed there I saw this light in the tear duct of my eye, it was so bright and so small and then it moved to the center of my face and what I saw was a lady, she looked so elegant, she was in a white long dress, or atleast i think so and she was smiling and waving at me. She seemed tall yet really small like a fairy. She came closer and closer to me and then she disappeared and this man popped up, I don’t know who he was.. it looked like he was in some kind of costume and he was laughing and dancing, with something in his hand, i’m not sure if it was fire or something.. the face looked familiar though but as soon as I saw the man i pushed myself to wake up fully and got out of bed and washed my face. It was so weird, i don’t know if it was just a dream or I really did see these people. Can anyone explain what just happened to me? Oh, and the weird thing is, is that i’ve been asking for my guardian angels/angel to watch over me lately, since it makes me feel a lot safer.
Also, i probably posted this in the wrong category as i have no idea which one it should be in. haha
I am not a christian or religious for that matter.
It just seemed so real, that’s why i asked this question.
I am not a christian or religious for that matter.
It just seemed so real, that’s why i asked this question.
& about the whole demon/scary things people are posting, i just wanna say it was frightening at all. just weird.
and thanks everyone for responding <3 ^ wasn't*


  1. “Hallucinations” are part of Sleep Paralysis.
    The Demons you see, the Ghosts you see, the Angels you see, the Fairies you see… They are ALL in your mind.
    EVERYTHING you see and feel, from the “Shadow People” to the “Small Demon or Grey Alien” sitting on your chest is all a part of your sleep disorder.
    A majority of “Alien Abductees” are suffering from Sleep Paralysis…
    Back in the day, when popular culture believed in demons and angles etc. these events were said to be Satan sending demons to torment people…
    A majority of “Alien Abductees” are suffering from Sleep Paralysis…
    In other cultures they are Witches, Demons, Aliens, Spirits, Ghosts… Each culture makes up the monster that shows up…
    Don’t give the form of your hallucination a second thought… The form is what your mind wants it to be.
    Sleep paralysis
    Symptoms and characteristics
    Physiologically, sleep paralysis is closely related to the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is known as REM atonia. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the body paralysis persists. This leaves the person fully conscious, but unable to move. The paralysis can last from several seconds to several minutes “after which the individual may experience panic symptoms and the realization that the distorted perceptions were false”.[5] As the correlation with REM sleep suggests, the paralysis is not entirely complete; use of EOG traces shows that eye movement can be instigated during such episodes.[6] When there is an absence of narcolepsy, sleep paralysis is referred to as isolated sleep paralysis (ISP).[7]
    In addition, the paralysis state may be accompanied by terrifying hallucinations (hypnopompic or hypnagogic) and an acute sense of danger.[8] Sleep paralysis is particularly frightening to the individual because of the vividness of such hallucinations.[7] The hallucinatory element to sleep paralysis makes it even more likely that someone will interpret the experience as a dream, since completely fanciful, or dream-like, objects may appear in the room alongside one’s normal vision. Some scientists have proposed this condition as an explanation for alien abductions and ghostly encounters.[9] A study by Susan Blackmore and Marcus Cox (the Blackmore-Cox study) of the University of the West of England supports the suggestion that reports of alien abductions are related to sleep paralysis rather than to temporal lobe lability.[10]
    The original definition of sleep paralysis was codified by Dr Johnson in his A Dictionary of the English Language as “nightmare,” a term that evolved into our modern definition. Such sleep paralysis was widely considered to be the work of demons and more specifically incubi, which were thought to sit on the chests of sleepers. In Old English the name for these beings was mare or mære (from a proto-Germanic *marōn, cf. Old Norse mara), hence comes the mare part in nightmare. The word might be etymologically cognate to Hellenic Marōn (in the Odyssey) and Sanskrit Māra.
    Folk belief in Newfoundland, South Carolina and Georgia describe the negative figure of the Hag who leaves her physical body at night, and sits on the chest of her victim. The victim usually wakes with a feeling of terror, has difficulty breathing because of a perceived heavy invisible weight on his or her chest, and is unable to move i.e., experiences sleep paralysis. This nightmare experience is described as being “hag-ridden” in the Gullah lore. The “Old Hag” was a nightmare spirit in British and also Anglophone North American folklore.
    In Nigeria, “ISP appears to be far more common and recurrent among people of African descent than among whites or Nigerian Africans”,[5] and is often referred to within African communities as “the Devil on your back.”[17][18][19]
    Various forms of magic and spiritual possession were also advanced as causes. In nineteenth century Europe, the vagaries of diet were thought to be responsible. For example, in Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge attributes the ghost he sees to “… an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of an underdone potato…” In a similar vein, the Household Cyclopedia (1881) offers the following advice about nightmares:
    “Great attention is to be paid to regularity and choice of diet. Intemperance of every kind is hurtful, but nothing is more productive of this disease than drinking bad wine. Of eatables those which are most prejudicial are all fat and greasy meats and pastry… Moderate exercise contributes in a superior degree to promote the digestion of food and prevent flatulence; those, however, who are necessarily confined to a sedentary occupation, should particularly avoid applying themselves to study or bodily labor immediately after eating… Going to bed before the usual hour is a frequent cause of night-mare, as it either occasions the patient to sleep too long or to lie long awake in the night. Passing a whole night or part of a night without rest likewise gives birth to the disease, as it occasions the patient, on the succeeding night, to sleep too soundly. Indulging in sleep too late in the morning, is an almost certain method to bring on the paroxysm, and the more frequently it returns, the greater strength it acquires; the propensity to sleep at this time is almost irresistible.”[20]
    In African culture, isolated sleep paralysis is commonly referred to as “the witch riding your back”.[17][21]
    In the Muslim culture of South Asia (Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian Muslims), sleep paralysis is considered to be an encounter with evil jinns and demons who have taken over ones body. In northwestern Pakistan, this ghoul is known as ‘bakhtak’ (Urdu: بختک). It is also assumed that it is caused by the black magic performed by enemies and jealous persons. Spells, incantations and curses could also result in ghouls haunting a person. Some homes and places are also haunted by evil ghosts, satanic or other supernatural beings and they could haunt people living there. Sufis, Mullahs, Faqirs or Imams perform exorcism on individuals who are possessed. Talismans and Amulets are worn by people to keep them safe especially the young children. The homes, houses, buildings and grounds are blessed and consecrated by Sufis, Mullahs or Imams by reciting Qur’an and Adhan (Urdu: أَذَان), the Islamic call to prayer, recited by the muezzin.
    In Cambodian, Laotian, and Thai culture, sleep paralysis is called phǐǐ am and khmout sukkhot. It is described as an event in which the person is sleeping and dreams that one or more ghostly figures are nearby or even holding him or her down. The sufferer usually thinks that he or she is awake but unable to move or make any noises. This is not to be confused with pee khao and khmout jool, ghost possession.
    In Hmong culture, sleep paralysis describes an experience called “dab tsog” or “crushing demon.” Often the sufferer claims to be able to see a tiny figure, no larger than a child, sitting on his or her chest. What is alarming is that a vast number of American Hmong have died in their sleep, prompting the Centers for Disease Control to create the term “Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome” (see Sudden unexplained death syndrome) or “SUNDS” for short; this is now theorized to be a form of Brugada syndrome.
    In Vietnamese culture, sleep paralysis is referred to as “ma đè”, meaning “held down by a ghost” or “bóng đè”, meaning “held down by a shadow”.
    In Chinese culture, sleep paralysis is widely known as “鬼壓身/鬼压身” (pinyin: guǐ yā shÄ“n) or “鬼壓床/鬼压床” (pinyin: guǐ yā chuáng), which literally translate into “ghost pressing on body” or “ghost pressing on bed.” A more modern term is “夢魘/梦魇” (pinyin: mèng yÇŽn).
    In Japanese culture, sleep paralysis is referred to as kanashibari (金縛り, literally “bound or fastened in metal,” from kane “metal” and shibaru” to bind, to tie, to fasten”). This term is occasionally used by English speaking authors to refer to the phenomenon both in academic papers and in pop psych literature.[22]
    In Korean culture, sleep paralysis is called gawee nulim (Hangul: 가위눌림), literally meaning “being pressed down by scissors”. It is often associated with a superstitious belief that a ghost or spirit is laying on top of or pressing down on the sufferer.
    In Philippine culture, “bangungut”, or sudden unexplained death syndrome, has traditionally been attributed to nightmares.[23] People who have claimed to survive such nightmares have reported experiencing the symptoms of sleep paralysis.[citation needed]
    During the Salem witch trials several people reported nighttime attacks by various alleged witches including Bridget Bishop that may have been the result of sleep paralysis.[24]
    In Hungarian folk culture sleep paralysis is called “lidércnyomás” (“lidérc pressing”) and can be attributed to a number of supernatural entities like “lidérc” (wraith), “boszorkány” (witch), “tündér” (fairy) or “ördögszeretÅ‘” (demon lover).[25] The word “boszorkány” itself stems from the Turkish root “bas-“, meaning “to press”.[26]
    In Iceland folk culture sleep paralysis is generally called having a “Mara”. A goblin or a succubus (since it is generally female) believed to cause nightmares (the origin of the word ‘Nightmare’ itself is der

  2. maybe it was an angel, but if it was your guardian angel or not depends on your religion,
    if you’re christian i have to disappoint you, you don’t have a guardian angel, all angels are god’s and he can send them to help, to guard, but it could never be yours.
    i don’t know about other religions, but if you’d like to believe it is your angel you kinda can’t be a christian.
    hope it helps.

  3. Don’t worry, we all see them occasionally. Most of us just chalk it up to an over active imagination.
    Just like you, I’m not so sure that is what is going on.
    Love and blessings Don

  4. Definition of Sleep paralysis
    Sleep paralysis: A frightening form of paralysis that occurs when a person suddenly finds himself or herself unable to move for a few minutes, most often upon falling asleep or waking up. Sleep paralysis is due to an ill-timed disconnection between the brain and the body.
    The symptoms of sleep paralysis include sensations of noises, smells, levitation, paralysis, terror, and images of frightening intruders. Once considered very rare, about half of all people are now believed to experience sleep paralysis sometime during their life.
    Sleep paralysis strikes as a person is moving into or out of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the deepest part of sleep. During REM sleep the body is largely disconnected from the brain leaving the body paralyzed. Sleep paralysis is the result of premature (or persistent) mind-body disconnection as one is about to enter into (or exit from) REM sleep.
    Sleep paralysis occurs most often after jet lag or periods of sleeplessness that interrupt the normal REM patterns. It affects both sexes equally and occurs at all ages but is most common in teenagers. Sleep paralysis can be familial and may be genetic (inherited) in some cases.
    An attack of sleep paralysis is usually harmless and self-limited. It tends to be over in a minute or two as soon as the brain and body re-establish connections and the person is able to move again. However, the memory of the terrifying sensations felt during sleep paralysis can long endure. (Some scholars believe that sleep paralysis may account for some of the old claims of attacks by witches and the more recent “reports” of nocturnal abduction by space aliens.)
    A rare fatal form of sleep paralysis may, it is thought, underlie the cases of healthy teenagers, mainly in Southeast Asia, who die in their sleep, sometimes after fighting for breath but without thrashing around.
    Sleep paralysis goes by a number of names, including the “old hag” in Newfoundland (for an old witch thought to sit on the chest of the paralyzed sleeper), “kokma” in the West Indies (for a ghost baby who jumps on the sleeper’s chest and attacks the throat), “kanashibari” in Japan and “gui ya” or ghost pressure in China (because a ghost is believed to sit on and assault the sleeper). Medically, sleep paralysis is sometimes called waking paralysis, predormital (before-sleep) paralysis, postdormital (after-sleep) paralysis, and REM sleep atonia.
    Job 33 (Amplified Bible) 14For God [does reveal His will; He] speaks not only once, but more than once, even though men do not regard it [including you, Job].
    15[One may hear God’s voice] in a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men while slumbering upon the bed,
    16Then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction [terrifying them with warnings],
    To see angels in your dream, symbolize goodness, purity, protection, comfort and consolation. Pay careful attention to the message that the angels are trying to convey. These messages serve as a guide toward greater fulfillment and happiness. Alternatively, it signifies an unusual disturbance in your soul.� Angels may appear in your dream as a result of your wicked and mean-hearted activities.�
    To dream that you are an angel, suggests that you are feeling good about something your said or did.�
    In particular, to see three angels in your dream, symbolize some sort of divinity. It is considered a particularly spiritual and holy dream.�
    To see an angel holding a scroll in your dream, indicates a highly spiritual dream. Your future and goals are more clearer to you. The message on the scroll is particularly significant.
    To dream that you are immobile, signifies feelings of being trapped or that you are rigid in your attitudes and decisions.
    To dream that you are paralyzed, may reflect the current state of your body while you are dreaming. During the REM state of sleep, you really are immobile and paralyzed. People report that they cannot run or hit, despite how hard they try.
    However, symbolically, dreaming that you are paralyzed may mean you are feeling helpless or pinned down in some aspects or circumstances of your waking life. You may feel unable to deal with a situation or that you can’t do or change anything. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are feeling emotionally paralyzed. You are having difficulties expressing your feelings.

  5. We all have spirit guides and guardian angels that will come mostly when we are a sleep if we ask for help, protection or concerning questions. I know I have met one of mine.

  6. It might have been a demon. There aren’t “guardian angels” that show themselves to people like that. There are angels, but they don’t show themselves to people in that way, and if you aren’t a believer in Jesus, then you are unsaved and vulnerable to demon attack. And don’t believe the “sleep paralysis” lie.
    Demons ALWAYS mean harm, destruction, and death to people. And only JESUS can stop demons and drive away demons. You need to believe in Jesus alone for salvation, and call on the Name of Jesus for help RIGHT NOW!
    Jesus is God, and Jesus loves you so very much! 😀
    The truth about Jesus is that the only way to be saved and to get into heaven and avoid being sent to eternal hell, is by believing in Jesus for salvation, believing in faith alone that Jesus, who is God, died on the cross for all our sins as FULL PAYMENT for all our sins, and then Jesus rose from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). Believe in Jesus alone for salvation, and you will be in heaven, no matter what!
    Salvation is a FREE GIFT that happens in a split second when you believe in Jesus alone to save you! It is impossible to lose or “leave” salvation (John 6:39-40, John 10:28, 1 John 5:13).
    Please pray now: “Jesus, I believe that You died on the cross to pay for my sins and that You rose from the dead, and I thank You for eternal life!” You will be in heaven with Him forever when you die! 😀


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