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Sleep paralysis + Astral projection?

This started when I was maybe 6 or 7 ( Im 17 now )and I’ve already had them happened to me for over 20 times. It starts off by me having a nightmare. Everythings spinning and it feels like I’m half awake. I cant open my eyes or anything. All I can do is wait for it to stop. I usually feel something touching me and hear voices. I also feel as If Im getting lifted up a bit. The last time I got it ( which was about 2 weeks ago), I got my eyes to open a bit and I saw this shadowy figure coming towards me from my door. After that, I woke up. Scariest experience I’ve had so far.
ALSO, I heard you can astral project when you’re in the sleep paralysis state. Can anyone give me any steps on how to do it? and is it bad to astral project (forbidden by god)?


  1. Sounds more like “night terrors”. Astral Projection doesn’t cause anything visual hallucinations or dreams. Astral Projection starts off with a “humming sound” followed by a light, uplifting feeling as if you are being “pulled” out of your physical body. Any fear you get from this is usually because it is a foreign thing happening and that in itself scares you. Kind of like some one jumping out at you from behind a wall. You get startled.
    I would tell a doctor because their are medications to help get rid of these “night terrors” which mimic astral travel but the nightmares are horrific. My daughter had them.
    Good Luck!

  2. You may not believe what I am going to say but there is documentation on it. Pls do not be afraid of it and pls read on the info so you can be prepared and understand more about it and actually perhaps get questions answered and not be scared of what might be happening.
    What you are experiencing may be being Abducted and examined by “Aliens”–tho not in the same sense as on TV. The voices, being lifted up and feeling scared are all things that have been documented by ppl aware during abductions and later reported. They are doing testing on our Genetics and how we are handling all the pollution as a species. They mean no harm but it does tend to scare most ppl about it as it is not expected.
    We are paralyzed in sleep to keep us from acting out the actions of our dreams and hurting ourselves or others as we sleep–thinking youcan fly and you jump out a window asleep–coudl be deadly–has happened.. There are disorders that don’t keep us still and those ppl have a hard time of it to sleep and interact w/ others in the family on this issue.
    The spinning and such is when you are coming back into your body after traveling in Astral. It has been known to some as a drop back into the body and it can be a shock. That will change w/ some practice and releasing fear.
    You can practice Astral Projection as a meditation and it is not forbidden by any Gods. Actually it is a great way to see what is in the World or check up on things somewhere.
    Below are some sites dealing w/ what I suggest for you to explore. It will be an interesting journey that few will have, just share what you learn later..

  3. what you’re experiencing is sleep paralysis which occurs every night as we fall asleep to stop the body from acting out dreams – it’s felt just before a conscious astral projection (by this i mean an astral projection with awareness) and during this, it’s not uncommon to hallucinate, see or sense others around you, feel pressure on your chest and hear voices. freaks some out more than others but there’s really nothing to be afraid of – it used to happen to me alot in the past but since talking myself down from the fear, the experience is stress free .. hope this helps – also, there’s nothing ‘bad’ or wrong with astral projection – it’s something the majority of us do every night while asleep though we may not always be aware of it and tend to remember any experiences as dreams 🙂


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