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Sleep paralysis and voices?

Okay this is going to sound crazy I know but every since I was little about 8 years old I would have sleep paralysis maybe 3 or 4 times a month. When I’m sleeping I would wake up paralyzed and I hear a really loud buzzing static sound right next to my head or I’d hear loud voices talking all at once (sounds like a group of people having a party in my room) but I can never understand what they’re saying because it sounds a like it’s not in English or I hear evil demonic voices laughing. The voices actually sound like they’re in Latin or something no kidding. Also, during when I wake up paralyzed I feel like I’m floating out of my body. It’s the scariest experience ever! Has anyone else had this happen to them before???
I hate it when this happens because it’s sooooo scary! Is there any way to stop it???!!!
A few times I actually do literally “float” out of my body…wow that sounds creepy…
I can’t really explain it very well but I know I’m definitely not hallucinating when this happens


  1. Temporary paralysis occurs during REM sleep, and dysregulation of this system can lead to episodes of waking paralysis and hallutionations. REM sleep is rapid eye movement sleep… lots more info in Wiki… i hope this helps a little

  2. well the paralysis happens in the rem stage of sleep (rapid eye movement) ive had it happen to me once and i have figured out that the voices are the things that u are really the most scared of because you are helpless and when u feel like ur floating that is because of your state of mind now the only way ive stoped it is well i dnt kno this but maybe theres medication but wat i do is take sleeping pills and well u will still have the paralysis but you need to conquer ur feers confront them dont be scared then it might not seem so bad

  3. I don’t know about the voices, but there is often a “paralyzed” step right before astral travel. Before I knew about that, I had similar experiences that frightened me. I prayed it away, and it worked. Later. I read a little about astral projection and wished I wasn’t so chicken:)
    However it might be best to invoke angels and white light protections due to the seemingly evil nature you perceive.

  4. Boy this is spooky. And I know what you mean. Years ago I use to experience this very thing except I wouldn’t get the voices. I know its very very scary. Alot of people would say this is (im not sure how to spell it or pronounce it) paranormal. Do you know what I mean? This I will say… It is the supernatural. And it is very real. More real then what we can see in the natural. Oh spooky!! lol If you want more information about this , go to http://www.sidroth.org/site/PageServer. You would pick such a spooky subject, now wouldn’t ya! lol
    You might want to copy and paste in your browser.

  5. Some people place a ward around their bed before going to bed. I know of one person who has a pentagram made with apple twigs hanging over the head of his bed, and he says that it works for keeping negative energies away. And of course, there is prayer, which I find usually has the best outcome for most things. Pray that God (Creator, Spirit, Source, etc) will send angels to watch over you at night and keep away all evil spirits and keep you well attached to this material realm at night.

  6. yess.it has happened to me before and it still does,
    it is the scariest thing one can ever experience,
    obe,out of body experienc.ive had tht to,
    wen i was sleeping in my room on the edge of the bed, i was experiencing sleep paralysis,and it felt like i was pulling away from something,like something was pulling me back,wen it finally let me go i fell off the bed butt i really did not fall,this is no hallucination,this is really happening
    also,the whole time this was happening i was awake buhh asleep at the same time,
    yea,it really is scary

  7. I had the experience of sleep paralysis on several occasions many years ago and I agree it is terrifying. All of my experiences also included hallucinations such as you describe. I wasn’t experiencing stress any more than usual and have never decided why it happened then over a period of a few months and has not happened since.
    I would awake and be lying in bed and totally unable to move although I could look around by moving my eyes. I don’t remember all the hallucinations, but one that was terrifying was that the light was on in the bathroom which opened off the bedroom and the door was slamming open and closed over and over really loud. I couldn’t understand why it was not waking up everyone else in the house.
    I knew that if I could move something, even just a finger, I would be released from whatever paralysis I was in so I would ignore whatever was going on and concentrate with all my strength on moving something. Usually I would manage to throw an arm out or spring up suddenly in the bed and instantaneously the sounds and light would stop; the bathroom light would be off and the door still or whatever else was going on would stop.
    At the time I had never heard of sleep paralysis and just wrote it off to a really bad and terrifying dream; I still think that is what it was in part although I seemed to be awake and unable to move.

  8. hi sarah, many years ago i had dreams where monsters would grab me by the chest and
    they would make strange noises. in my dream i would hit myself to prove it wasn,t a dream. the
    dreams were regular and in time went away.

  9. yeah i get it sometimes but probably not as bad as you. when it happens to me i usually can move my fingers/ toes. i keep moving them then eventually my arm then whole body wakes up and i’m awake. no more paralysis. but the thing is i just think oh yeah ok i’ll go back to sleep now and instantly fall back into sleep paralysis. the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me during sleep paralysis is hearing growling like from some wolf. some people just don’t bother fighting it. just remind yourself everything that you hear and see is fake when it happens to you. or, fight it like i do. i can wake up from it pretty easy now

  10. This is going to sound crazy I have Been hounded by this evil entity since I was a child , always this buzzing energy n the I sense a lot of evil and cnt move or talk sometimes when these demons are in the mood they make me hallucinate or hear voices, I always feel tired and drained n I imagine my soul feels dirty does that make sense? I try praying or calling to God , it doesn’t immediately stop though it stops eventually , what I find helps though is having a shower before bed and rubbing my body with natural sea salt , the course kind , dnt know why but trust me it works , wait for your skin to dry first before you rub the salt because if you do it while you are still wet you cause yourself dry skin over time, try it guys. All the best


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