Sleep paralysis and ghosts?

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Well, I’ve had night terrors since I was real young (7). Now as I get older (I am 14), I’m having bad depression and anxiety. Just recently I am getting sleep paralysis.
At first, I paid it no mind but after this last experience, I started looking it up.
I was laying down in my living room. It was about 12 in the afternoon. I wake up and I can’t move. I see a man: looks white, about in his 40-50s, I dunno. He had glasses. He came into my house. I thought he was trying to rob me or rape me! I started thrashing, trying to get up, but I couldn’t move. Then he started to grab my boobs. I knew I wasn’t dreaming, because I was thinking “this must be a dream!”. I was thinking that if it wasn’t, I was going to have to fight with this man.
Then I suddenly woke up! I started to cry and couldn’t go back to sleep.
Later I start learning about how Sleep paralysis can happen in people who are physic or something. Then I thought about that man. Then it clicked! It looked exactly like my grandpa, or what I’ve seen of him. I’ve never met him, he died before I was born.
I heard he used to abused my dad and aunt and grandma, but idk.
Then I read that they want to make your life unhappy.
I started wondering: “why would he want that?”
I dunno, but I am creeped the hell out, because I know it’s him. I know it is. I’m just so scared to sleep, which that doesn’t help because I already have what I think is insomnia.
Please. Can anyone shed some advise on what I should do? I don’t know how to explain this to my mom, or ask for help. I’m so scared to sleep…
Someone, please help. I’m so tired I feel like I’m about to pass out and I’m so scared I feel like I’m about to puke.

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Ring Around The Rosie.

The Only Way Is To Tell Your Mother Because So Far Shes The Only One That Can Help You.
Otherwise You’ll Have Insomnia For The Rest Of Your Life.


I had a similar experience once back in junior high, and I know it’s scary, but sleep paralysis doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with ghosts. It’s just what happens when you are awakened out of a deep REM sleep and your mind isn’t expecting it. The safeguards in your brain that keep you from thrashing around or running about in your sleep are still active, and take a little while to notice that they’re not needed anymore. If it does turn out to be a ghost though, you just need to realize that they only have as much power over you as you let them have. Once you realize that, nothing metaphysical can do you any harm at all.


I suggest you look on line for a Psychic who cleans houses from hauntings and see what they say


I personally have a sleep disorder myself and have experienced the medical definition of sleep paralysis which only lasts a short time and is nothing like you have described which I’m sure is terrifying…
Do you have any spirtistic objects or books in your house? If you do get rid of them and pray for Gods protection and holy spirit. I will say a prayer for you also.
Read this article in the meantime.
heres an even better one with advice for young people your age:

little stone

Pray before you sleep ask G-D to proct you form any evil of the world, the evil found in man and woman and in spirits. There are angles waitting to take your prayer that is in your heart to G-D. Ask G-D that during the day, to let no evil come near you. Keep your mind and heart together in good thoughts, things will change, walk with G-D in all that you do. Evil will flee from you.


I had this all the time when I was a kid up until about 16. These types of night terrors are 1, from a lot of anxiety/stress and 2, a heavy belief in the supernatural. Sleep paralysis also happened to me for the 2 reasons listed above but is increased if you go to sleep with the anxiety that your not alone. Such as leaving your bedroom door open, an open closet or window.. Or on your couch. I had so many incidences on my couch! Anyway, amazingly after I started researching the mind/paranormal/ghosts/devil etc I found out they were all figments of my (and others) imagination. And you know what? I haven’t had an interrupted nights sleep since. This probably won’t help short term but I suggest you think about and trust me when I say you will sleep 100 times easier knowing there is NOTHING supernatural that can happen to you 🙂

Dimitri Volpe

Suffered from this for about 30 years of my life ; they call it anxiety attack but it is not ; it’s definitely hostile and involves another being. Got rid of it by using Holy Water sprinkled all around the house every night ; removing anything satan could use as a handle from my home or from my heart and learning to pray the Holy Rosary until it became second nature ; as soon as I would begin praying it, the demon fled in terror. After a few months it got tired of being kicked and did not come back. The Woman crushed its head with Her hill. Leave it to our Mother, the Virgin Mary to protect us from demons. They are terrified of Her.


You are suffering sleep paralysis with hypnagogic hallucinations, which occur frequently with sleep paralysis and is part of the disorder. Basically, your brain is still in REM mode even though you’re awake, and you hallucinate as a result.
I know, because I have suffered from it since I was 13. I have seen a man walk into my room and bend down to look at me; heard a demonic voice detail how it was going to kill me; seen alien spider-things crawl across my ceiling – they are simply hallucinations, which by definition, appear very real.
You didn’t actually see your grandfather or anyone else. You were simply experiencing the more disturbing part of this sleep disorder.
There are medications to treat the disorder, including neurontin and klonipin. I take neurontin when it flares up.
The most common causes of having a sleep paralysis episode are stress and irregular sleeping patterns (napping, staying up too late, etc.) The best thing you can do is set a regular sleep schedule and stick to it EVERY day, including weekends.
And I don’t know where you read that sleep paralysis happens to psychic people – it can happen to anyone. It most often happens to narcoleptic people, who can’t control their sleep at all. So if you read something that says you’re experiencing sleep paralysis because you’re psychic, it’s wrong.
Check out this link for more info –

Saved by Grace

You need to speak w/ a spiritual adviser. The problem is that you’ve been convinced that ghosts actually exist. They don’t! The strongly held belief is that spirits stay in the ground until called up (The Rapture). Between their death & this time, they have no awareness of the passage of time. Those who do believe in active earth-bound ghosts become victims of demons that utilize this belief. Your only escape from these nightmares is to change your way of thinking. Ask God for help. ()~:)>

james o

It sounds like you had a dream and at the same time, had a dysfunction of the sleep arousal system. You’ve labeled it sleep paralysis correctly, I think. Sleep can produce dreams that appear absolutely real and quite frightening. I take it from your comments that there was not an actual person there, but that was part of your dream. Dreams are not well understood. It appears that they are some kind of a clearing out of experiences you had during the day. In any case, before you assume you are psychic, try ruling out a simple sleep disorder.
Your GP (MD, your general practitioner, the doctor you normally see for general follow-up) can refer you for a sleep disorder assessment, and they can help you determine what to do next.
I had night terrors a number of years ago, when I was having a lot of tension on the job, and treatment was able to eliminate the problem totally.
Don’t neglect this; you can get help and master this, but if you don’t, you could injure yourself.

Neji Hyuuga

hmph a dream of a perve. probrably dream. Go to a doctor or somthing. may have been real IDK only God knows. Watch TV clear your mind of it good shows NOT DB,DBZ,DBGT It has a pervey guy XD hmmmm Fairy Tail mabye great show awesome themes


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