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sleep paralysis and astral projection?

is it possible to astral project from sleep paralysis if so how can you?


  1. It happened to me. My childen and I were taking a nap and my son woke me up and I could see and hear him but I could not move. It was so very scary. I thought he might get up and get hurt on something. I then thought this is unbelievable and I decided to close my eyes and try to relax and go back to sleep thinking I would come out of my trance I call it. After a little while I did come out of it. I believe it happened because part of my brain was still in the sleep stage and part was not. I have only done this one time in my life. Another time I was asleep and my spirit left my body and went to the light switch and then back to my body.

  2. That would be highly unlikely as the person who awakens with sleep paralysis is often terrified and you can’t astral project when you’re in that much fear.
    A corollary to your question might be, “Can one be pulled from their body whilst in sleep paralysis?” I believe the answer to that question is, “Yes!”

  3. Yes it’s possible.
    All you need to do is calm down and relax your mind to where you are near the sleep state. After this, you will kind of fall asleep but be aware of it. Then you will project and will be fully conscious again.


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