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Since you don't have to be Wiccan to be a witch or a witch to be Wiccan.. Witches what are you?

I am a Wiccan Witch but I have Norse leanings. How about you? Any Christian Witches out there?


  1. I am Celtic Pagan, but I actually don’t call myself a witch but do acknowledge I am a spell-crafter. I know there are Christian Witches out there, especially those of Celtic descent.

  2. Eclectic Wiccan Witch with Celtic leanings
    At first I studied Christian Wicca with an online group. I leaned toward Gnostic Christianity for a long time before that.
    Fireball… the question is clearly for witches. If you aren’t one why answer? Which BTW you are wrong. One can be both Christian and a witch.
    Tim… Why are you spreading lies?

  3. I am a LaVeyan Satanist and I practice magick. I do not choose to use the title often, but I am a Satanic Witch. It’s too bad we really can’t turn people into frogs, those Christians above and below would be croaking about now.

  4. I’m a shamanic pantheist witch. My mother and grandmother are/were african methodist witches. My great grandmother was a voodoun priestess.
    It’s hard to track my family line past that.

  5. I would call myself a pagan witch. In some cases I have had to defer to being called Wiccan however (on my dog-tags.) Anyone outside of an official setting I would be a pagan to though.
    Dance to the rhythm of Fire

  6. as far as i,ve ever heard, the word Wicca, means Witch.
    me i,m a Witch. my religious preference is Paganism.
    Witchcraft though, is religion, art and science. i pray to the God and Goddess. i practice with magic and i study the world around me.

  7. I am an Agnostic Pagan with Norse, but polytheist leanings. I honor all the myths of origin, the goddess and gods that go along with them. I see them however, as part of a bigger picture.
    )o( Blessed Be! ~ Whillow

  8. I’m a Witch. Plain and simple. Not Wiccan Witch; Not Christian Witch, Not such-n-such witch, just witch. You don’t hear of many of them…everyone seems to want these enormous titles to seem like they know more.
    I like the title of Witch…it’s (fairly) original, simple…its me.

  9. I am very much like maiingan2, I am a Green Witch in that I work with the living, growing things of the Earth for my “Magicks” however Religiously, I tend to follow the Bretonic-Celtic Pantheon of my ancestors and so I guess you could classify me as a Celtic Green Witch if there IS such a thing. however, I borrow from many other sources as well, keeping in mind the cultural setting from which I borrow them and only fit in that which will fit smoothly and seamlessly.
    Brightest Blessings,
    Raji the Green Witch


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