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Since we now know the evolution of shaminism into Darwinism, how do you help people stuck in such deceptions?

– Darwinism is an ancient shamanistic religion built on superstitions of all kinds. The origins of shamanism go back thousands of years.
– Shamanism is a belief system based on the worship of forces such as rain, snow, lightning, storms, wind, and the Sun. Darwinism is also a religion of nature-worship; it describes nature as an entity with “mythical and mysterious powers.” It anticipates the belief that stone, earth, the Sun, lightning and wind combined to give rise to life.
– Shamans claim to be the physicians, sages, leaders and administrators of their tribes and societies. Darwinists describe themselves in the same way. Shamans maintain that they understand the secrets of nature and can foretell the future. Similarly, Darwinists maintain that they know the secrets of matter, the atom and the Earth, and seek to describe imaginary changes that human beings and nature will be subject to in the future.
– Astronomy, biology, paleontology, physics, geology, chemistry, geophysics, embryology are all sciences. Darwinism, however, is not a science, but a primitive shamanistic religion.
Darwinists’ present-day beliefs are just as odd and irrational as those of people who once worshipped crocodiles. Darwinists regard chance and inanimate, unconscious atoms as a creative force, and are as devoted to that belief as if to a religion.
– Since the theory of evolution was first put forward, advances in a great many branches of science, have demolished the theory’s claims, one by one. Nonetheless, Darwinism still has its adherents. Typically, when a scientific theory is disproved, it is shelved, and all debate and discussion comes to an end. But not so with Darwinism. No matter how powerful and indisputable the evidence against their theory may be, evolutionists ignore it and continue to defend their beliefs in a fervent manner.

Evolution is not the basis for biology, that is hilarious suggestion, breakthroughs in medicine and biology with any meaning come from physical observation and experimentation, evolution is non existent.The belief in evolution cannot heal anyone, cannot make anything different, the behavior of our bodies and chemicals has nothing to do with the unseen undemonstrated evolutionary shamanism, They both have to do with observed behavior and immediate results here and now, not over the course of millions and billions of years.Evolution is just a mental and emotional crutch for weaklings that cannot handle their no God hypothesis so must put in a substitute.


  1. Wow…I will give you credit, this is original.
    Umm how is praying to god to alter reality any different?
    with regard to your last paragraph that is pure wishful thinking. Every discovery reinforces evolution. sorry to burst your bubble.

  2. So why is shamanism such a bad thing? I’ll take a scientific shamanism — an experiential, nature-based religion — over your soul-destroying supernaturalism any day.

  3. I think you need to go back to spelling class. You wrote ‘Darwinism’, which isn’t a word, when you clearly meant ‘religion’.

  4. There’s no such thing as “Darwinism”. You also don’t understand evolution, or science in general.
    You must be one of those christians that claim all religions are wrong, science is a religion, but mysteriously theirs isn’t a religion.

  5. that is impressive.good for you.
    it was Sherlock Holmes who said ” when all other possibilities have been have been proven false the one that remains must be the truth”.

  6. One big difference. Science actually has managed to cure things.
    I love the fact that you admit Biology is a science. The ENTIRE basis for modern Biology is Evolution. There is NO debate in Biology about the large idea behind evolution, only about a few small details. You would have to take everything that has been done in Biology back to the 19th century to remove evolution from it.

  7. Darwinism isn’t a religion, your treating it like one. Darwin compiled the theory of evolution (which wasnt a new idea). Evolution is based on scientific evidence that grows stronger every year. Your living in the dark, open your eyes. If you list Paleontology as a science, evolution is the bases of that science. Pagans also ‘worship’ nature, so does that mean its linked to paganism to? Many people, beliefs, and sciences are centered around nature, it doesn’t mean they are that closely connected. Grow up. You should be focusing more on the Loch Ness Monster or some other unfounded claim.

  8. Talk about “freakish and silly.” Your young and you obviously haven’t experienced much of this world. I could be polite and say that it’s not your fault, but that time is passed – take the blinders off, look beyond the propaganda and get real!

  9. What a crackpot conspiracy theory you’ve created!
    Good thing nobody really believes in Darwinism. I can’t say I’ve ever met someone who came out and called themselves a Darwinist before.
    I prefer science and evolution over whatever Darwinism is (and its supposed shamanistic religion).
    Thank God for Science! Say no to false religions like this! 🙂
    By the way, can we do something about all these ‘SolarCentrists’ out there who keep up the mythical belief that the Earth revolves around the sun, and use ‘fuzzy math’ and imaginary changes like ‘the seasons’ to manipulate people into believing their crazy ideas?
    The next time you meet someone who calls his/herself a Solarcentrist, please make sure to show them that everything they believe is a myth. Just ask Pope Urban VIII how he did it. He sure made Galileo see the truth!


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