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Since we cant control our subconscious mind does that mean we are simply slaves to our thoughts?

I’m a really good basketball player but when I play with other people I get scared and I play badly. On a conscious level I know I’m a good player and that I can get scouted to d1 colleges but my subconscious mind thinks the opposite. I know that I have nothing to be afaid of. HOW DO I PUT AN END TO THIS NON-SENSE ? Can I reprogram my subconscious mind or am I doomed? If I can reprogram my subconscious mind , the how?


  1. No, this doesn’t mean we are slaves to our mind. u are ur own mind!!!
    u control it. u decide wht to think. The basket ball thing is just that ur NATURALLY, AND INSTINCTIVELY getting nervous cuz of playing with more (idk hw to say this) experience, older, stronger…players.

  2. You can program your subconscious mind. Read Maxell Maltz book physco cybernetics… you use visualization and positive confession. You can change your believe system. Especially about your self.

  3. Aha. You’re kinda right. Humans are prey to all the quirks of neurology and psychology that go into our subconscious. And it often finds it convenient to betray us when we are being tested. I play flute, and I got mad at myself last time I was in a contest because I messed up due to nervousness. There is no way to erase the effects of anxiety or even to reprogram your mind other than just telling yourself (and maybe talking about it to someone) ____ that you want to believe. Eventually you will believe it, but it might not work, it depends on how well you talk yourself into things. Sorry if I wasn’t much help.

  4. you can change your thinking! if something holds you back from your game you have to focus on that fear and eradicate it. while your trying to find out what the negative aspects are concentrate on the positive by training hard learning all the moves and getting fit.
    even thinking that your not as good as you can be will hold you back! you have to think that you are good and you know you are good so think about that instead. make your plays get your team mates backs cover your opponents watch your own back and just do it. if your concentration is positive and focused on why your in there you can only do better and lose the bad nerves. show how good you are and think about ppl watching are seeing your best side. imagine watching your self at your best notice how others see you playing well.

  5. Apply discretionary powers. It is like a brake in moving vehicles. Our body is a vehicle moving. Sometime it goes very fast. We should match our speed with the mind. Mind is of course faster. There is no boundary or barrier for mind. That is why God has provided a brake, which is also called discretion. God has also provided emergency brake in the form of sixth sense.

  6. the subconsious mind is what acts with instinct, and causes dreams. you cannot affect it directly with conscious thoughts. it has little influence over you when you are conscious, and when you are unconscious (sleeping, etc…) it has a better controll, because your consious thoughts are no longer relevant. what is really happening is that you are panicing, and acting on instinctt, subconsiously, and so your mind thinks of the fastest course of action. you just need to practice quicker thinking. we are nt slaves to ouur minds (untill we sleep, but that’s not really slavery, just the inability to fully controll our surroundings)

  7. Dudee.. .
    I know how you feel. I just answered your previous question. I myself have quite distinguished qualities : I’m smart, handsome, young, good natured, with tons of potential to make something big of myself. Despite all that i feel that what i have to offer is quite irrelevant. I like myself well enough. I do have some self-disgust issues at times. But in all im happy with who I am. I just can’t seem however to acknowledge my own ‘self-worth’ and importance. Im modest. I usually say I have an ego for being humble. Like people strive to become noticed. I aim to keep a low-key profile. I’ve been struggling with this all my life. I just don’t see my own relevance in everything. I feel that in contrast to the world, its purpose and the will of god – I’m nothing. Meaning whatever I aim to achieve or make of myself doesn’t have any bearing, when it comes to the bigger picture. I therefore cannot acknowledge myself. And I don’t strive or attempt to invest any amount of energy in promoting myself. So somewhere deep in my subconscious there’s something holding me back. It’s difficult to find out what that is. But i’ve done a good job already getting where I am now. Please do check out the methods of (Self) Hypnosis, Autosuggestion, Meditation, etc. They’d be of great help to you. Good luck!


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