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Since we are made up of star stuff, is it fair to say that we are the consciousness of the cosmos?

You missed the question. It has nothing to do with self importance, it has everything to with the fact that the cosmos after billions of years developed conciousness. Someday that conciousness will be in a non flesh and blood form, perhaps pure energy within electrical clouds/gas.


  1. Thinking like this is a little too close to the anthropic principle for me. The universe got along just fine without us for 14 billion years. We’re just not that important.
    Edit: I didn’t miss the question. Its neat that intelligence evolved, I’m all for it. You missed the point of my response. If you assume that the cosmos exists in order to bring about consciousness it leads to some illogical and unscientific conclusions.
    I hope you’re right and we continue to evolve, but if we disappear tomorrow the universe will go on same as before.

  2. only on a sub atomic level.
    Its an interesting thought that I’ve tried to tackle.
    I don’t think we can experience it. only the electrons that make up the atoms in our bodies and thoughts. but they each do it separately. TRILLIONS of electrons, all receiving different signals.
    at the most the “transmission” would be unreadably garbled.
    only a machine specifically designed to read individual electrons would be successful.
    and yes. we’re not that important.

  3. Yep. And we are important, partly because as the consciousness of the cosmos, we are the only ones able to prioritize values and define importance.


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