Since this is a full moon eclipse, the consecration and blessing of a scrying mirror would be a bad idea?

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About a month ago,(maybe two,i had made it and missed the Full Moon,) I had made a scrying mirror. I have two rituals in which I need to consectare my new Tool: one elaborate,and one simple. I plan on utilizing both rituals. I have really looked foreward to doing this,and discovered that since it is a Full Moon ( Yay!!) I need to do this. Then I discovered that it is a Full Moon Lunar eclipse. This means I cannot do my ritual. 🙁
Any suggestions ??

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Corky Thatcher

I don’t see any upcoming eclipses until 2010

God is my light

its a penumbral eclipse so I dont think it would hurt…

Mit C. Hell

Girls have Tools?

VeggieTart (The Cranky Agnostic)

Can you wait another month when it’s not an eclipse? I think even though it’s only a penumbral eclipse, it might cause problems.

LabGrrl .com

Um, all lunar eclipses happen during full moons.
Every lunar eclipse REQUIRES a FULL moon….it’s part of the definition of the event.
This question hurts my heart.


There is absolutely no reason you cannot do the ritual. Here’s the thing….depending on what tradition you follow (or if you are a solitary) the results are going to be the same. Wicca has ways of doing things that a Witch would never do, and yet the result is the same – most of the time. The paths are different. As a witch, I use whatever resources are available. I know how to consecrate an object while doing the dishes in my pajamas in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. There is no reason you cannot do this ritual due to the eclipse. Scrying mirrors will work no matter what. Sure, a boost of energy from the full moon won’t hurt, but it isn’t 100% necessary. Besides, if you wait, your mirror waits too. Don’t you think it is just as excited as you are to be utilized? *smiles* Go on, do the ritual.

blue chaos soɐɥɔ ǝnlq jpa

Just relax and wait.

***Invisible Pink Unicorn***

Since I am eclectic, and don’t follow a “set” tradition I would probably go ahead and do the ritual. The penumbral eclipse that is going to be taking place is going to so slight that you will never notice the difference with the naked eye (of course I don’t know if that would effect your ritual or not, I have no experience with scrying mirrors, or consecrating them) If you truly feel you have to wait, then do so. Its really about what you “rules” are, and what you feel about the situation. I wish you the best. Bright Blessings!


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