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Since there is no god, how could the occult be of god? What makes the occult,witchcraft,and magick evil?


  1. People usually fear what they can’t understand. A person trapped in the lower realms of consciousness can’t even imagine the things that a person in the higher realms has experienced.

  2. Your question is arrogant and presumptuous. You assume there is no God because you have never had an encounter with God, and then you draw a conclusion based on your opinion. I don’t know about YOU, but I see a problem with this! (And to think people keep accusing Christians of not being able to think logically!)
    Additional thought: If there is no God, then why would you conclude that ANY thing supernatural is anything other than “make-believe”?

  3. okay theres no god everyone SHUT THE FUCK UP you all believe this only because you have no one to follow. and honestly change the word “god” to earth you little pathetic god believing retards

  4. Profound observation. How indeed can anything set itself up as greater than or equal to something that is at the same time, at least tacitly; claimed does not exist or is a fabrication.
    As far as the evil thing goes, anything that is not for God is against Him.
    People have trouble with this hard saying but actually it makes things very simple.

  5. Writing ‘Since there is no god…’ is just denying God. It doesn’t change the reality that there is a God who said that we aren’t suppose to go to other ‘gods’ before Him. And the Iniquities go on to the 3rd & 4th generations of those who hate God. That is the LORD God of Israel or Jesus who delivered you from sinful addictions.
    Occult, witchcraft & magic is going to other spirits (gods) instead of the LORD God.
    Jesus told us to cast all our cares to Him, because He cares for us.
    Those other spirits have certain powers, but they are a bondage and an addiction that leads to destruction. Practicing the occult leads to a bondage to the demonic spirit. It uses fear to intimidate you to do its destructive works.

  6. If you believe in God then you know that the occult, witchcraft, and magic in of sin. If you dont believe in God then I guess its up to you to decide what evil and whats not.

  7. They can’t be.
    And they’re not.
    They’re simply different versions of superstitious delusions that involve something other than gods…but they’re equally ridiculous.

  8. The question of whether or not there is a God or truth or reality, or whatever you like to call it, can never be answered by books, by priests, philosophers or saviours. Nobody and nothing can answer the question but you yourself and that is why you must know yourself. Immaturity lies only in total ignorance of self. To understand yourself is the beginning of wisdom.
    J. Krishnamurti

  9. 1. While logic seems to indicate that there is no deity, we do not know for sure. Most of the evidence against a god is actually evidence against the Bible. There is a huge difference.
    2. Assuming there is no god, the occult obviously wouldn’t be of a god.
    3. Most people who do Witchcraft and magick believe that it is a force of nature unrelated to a deity. Many magicians are atheist.
    4. The occult, Witchcraft, and magick are NOT evil. If someone does something bad with magick, it is not the fault of the magick, any more than reckless driving is the fault of the car. There is nothing evil about Witchcraft and magick. The occult is an umbrella term for anything science can’t explain.

  10. If you knew anything about witchcraft or magick, you would know that we do have a god. It is not the god of the christian faith, but it is a god nevertheless. Your assumptions, presumptions and badly worded questions make the rest of us look bad, please stop including witchcraft and magick in your questions.


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