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Since god is supposed to be a spirit and since a spirit cannot be energy because energy can be traced?

and we understand awareness and thought to be made by energy how can god and those other spirits have thought?
If god is all around us why can’t he be traced?. Do we just not have the technology yet to trace him? Is he hiding in another dimension and peeks out at us every now and then?


  1. Human thought is produced by the brain. It is a physiological process. Spirit thought is a spiritual, not a physical phenomenon, since spirits have no physical substance. It is superior to mere physiological thought, which is why spirits, both good and evil, have superior intellects. Energy has only existed as long as the universe. Spirits precede the universe, and the Supreme Spirit is eternal.

  2. I think it is possible. The problem is in adjusting the threshold of sensitivity while we are inside of Him.
    That adjustment would have to be made by remote control outside of His presense.
    We don’t know how far from Earth we would have to go to accomplish this.

  3. Since we cannot fully understand the things of this world, then How will I explain the things of the Spiritual world…..the earth is therefore the physical world and the heavens are then the spiritual world…And the opening lines of any Bible say that God created the heavens and the earth…..Jesus was the visible image of the invisible God, and when you are about to open a fridge usually there is a type of faith that your tummy will be satisfied, and so, if apply this type of faith to a God prior to knowing he is there, then your Spirit will be even more satisfied !
    Experiment with His name, and you wont be dissappointed.

  4. Excellent question.
    If we knew what exactly to detect it might be possible to detect the presence of God. The problem is, according to Judeo-Christian beliefs, God is omnipresent. There are so many background energy signatures all around us [such as the earth’s magnetism] that it would be a matter of eliminating all the known patterns in order to “narrow the field” so that we can go looking for God.
    The other problem you brought up is that of extra-dimensionality. It seems that when another dimension is added, it makes detection within the lesser number of dimensions difficult if not impossible.
    For example, if you were a two-dimensional being, you would be totally exposed to a three-dimensional being but not able to detect its presence.
    Similarly, if you picture a person in a cube shaped room [for the sake of simplicity] from all six angles [above, below, left, right, front, back], with the addition of a fourth dimension, the 4-D being could see all of them simultaneously, but would be undetectible to the 3-D person pictured.
    Personally, I think we may someday be able to detect the Omnipresence scientifically, but ironically, that is a faith position!

  5. GOD is all energy,if awareness and thought are energy.Other spirits Im not sure have any thought at all,I think they are more doers than thinkers.Can GOD be traced? I don’t know,but science can certainly try.

  6. Well, dark energy might be one way of looking at that. We have deduced dark matter and dark energy, neither of which are we able just now to detect.
    String theory posits a number of other dimensions that we can’t detect.
    Who knows, but the many experiences of people with strange experiences and events (called ESP, ghosts, life after death, etc., etc.) may all be routinely explained tomorrow when we figure out a way to observe or move into one or more of these other dimensions.


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