Home Discussion Forum Since consciousness and self-awareness depend on neural processes?

Since consciousness and self-awareness depend on neural processes?

and those cease at time of death, what would be the purpose/personal benefit of having an eternal soul if one wouldn’t be self-aware?
Would it really matter if one went to heaven or hell if one didn’t know about it?


  1. You are trying to use logic to get through to religious people, trust me that wont work.
    For someone to become religious, abandoning logic is the first step.
    See the person below me, if you want proof.

  2. Natural or physical consciousness depends on brain function. However, angels and other spirits are also self aware, on a spiritual or supernatural plane. Humans are capable of both kinds of self-awareness. Natural consciousness ends when physical existence ends, but supernatural consciousness is eternal.

  3. interesting question however the opening premise is an assumption that is yet to be demonstrated, see conscious and Quantum mechanics I am sure it will interest you

  4. Well…. Many make the mistake that consciousness and self-awareness is dependent on some bodily function……. THE BIBLE SAYS THIS IS NOT TRUE….. These things depend on our spirit and soul….. WITH OUT A SPIRIT OR SOUL THERE IS NO CONSCIOUSNESS OR SELF-AWARENESS…. This is why animals do not have a sense of morals when they kill each others and do unspeakable things… BECAUSE ANIMALS DO NOT HAVE SOULS….. However, some humans are born without souls…… BUT IT WILL ALWAYS MATTER WHETHER YOU WANT YOUR SOUL TO GO TO HEAVEN OR HELL.

  5. no they do not depend on neural process
    our brain helps us verbalize our consciousness and self awareness out of our human body
    our soul is still there and is self aware and it knows we are what we are even after the body dies.
    yes it matters because we do know about it after our physical body dies
    our consciousness and self-awareness comes from our eternal soul not our physical body.

  6. Death is not the end. It is only the end of this mortal existence.
    After this mortal shell dies, we continue as immortals, fully awake and aware of were we are and what is happening.

  7. Lack of hearing about…or knowledge of…Heaven, Hell and even God (or “gods”), is very rare if not non-existent. Therefore, perhaps the second question is moot.
    Regarding the first question: Those who have had what’s called “out-of-body” experiences (not including “near-death” experience types), whether during sleep or wide awake, are fairly sure, if not absolutely certain, that there is life after this life. Such experiences mean that the human awareness (or soul) exists beyond the physical life and the reason usually is because of the spontaneity of such experiences, the new information that is received, and the astounding timing of such experiences. When these three observations are within such experiences, they can be considered Supernatural Events. Therefore, since the human awareness (or soul) while in this physical life can…and does…participate in experiences and events outside the physical life, it’s a sure bet it can and will participate in life after this life.
    Matter of fact, I’ve written about many such experiences and events that occurred to me and others around me. Here’s one….
    …and here are two more:


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