since cats and dogs have consciousness, isn't that proof we have no souls, and are like animals?

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Isn’t that proof we were not made any different, except we can just think a little bit better, but outside of that, there is no difference, proving we have no souls right?

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Ephemeral Text

You don’t need proof to understand the soul for the medieval primitive belief that it is.

Kjelstad 4.0

It is strong evidence against a soul perhaps but you can not prove a negative so there is no way to say we do not have souls. or invisible tails for that matter.

seeker of Yhovah

no it is not
god says he created us in his likeness


Gen 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.
Cats and dogs breathe too.

Ancestor of Apes

It makes sense to me. Like the fact that our DNA is only 2% different than a chimpanzee. So if they have no souls (according to believers), then why would a human?


what proof do you have cats and dogs have consciousness…sunflowers bend towards the sun does that mean they have a conscious too


animals are way different they live off insticts not thought. they have no emotions or logic or sense of right or wrong but even the bible says animals have spirits but they don’t go to heaven they find peace. so yeah you can’t prove god wrong sorry. he cannot be proven wrong or truth to the the masses or nation he can only be proven real to the individual who seeks him through faith. even though it feels like you are praying to air or nothingness and reading the bible of gibberish do the will of god live your life for him and he will take care of the rest he will see you are trying to live by faith and he will take care of the rest and prove him real to you through the holy spirit. god cannot be found by reason or logic only by faith. satan is the man of reason logic and lies. you are looking for truth of god by reason according to your question and you will never find him that way. try living by the bible like you are told and knowledge will be reavealed to you any other question feel free to email

Karaite Girl

Maybe animals have souls, or consciousness and souls are not necessarily always found together.


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