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Simply coincidence or telepathy? ?

I am talking about signs.. I’ve been talking to this person and …
For example I was once listening to a song, and talking over msn to this person, and the other person was listening to the same thing without even knowing..
or I want ed to say something and the other person was thinking the same thing.
This is telepathy, right? So does it really work or mean 2 people are connected to each other? Is it just coincidence?


  1. No, you’re talking about confirmation bias. Consider all the times you have talked to a friend on MSN and *not* been listening to the same song. Considering you may have similar taste in music, it’s not surprising at one point it co-incidences. Same for saying the same thing as someone else – plus this happens to people all the time. It’s fairly common. Like two people stepping right to let the other past at the same time. It’s coinicidence. And not even particularly surprising or unexpected coincidence.

  2. Yes, it’s just coincidence, but perhaps you so desperately want to believe in telepathy that you but this piece of trivial coincidence as significant.
    If you are young, your range of music you listen to is going to be more limited (most people don’t get into classical or jazz until they are older, or even into music from the 80s, 70s or 60s) so it’s pretty likely that if you spend hours on MSN chatting, you’ll chat with someone listening to the same song at the same time.
    Think about all the times in your life when coincidences such as these don’t occur, do you attach significance to these? What’s the chance of having a completely coincidence free life (close to zero I imagine)?

  3. It’s coincidence.
    Why does “telepathy” only ever seem to be “witnessed” in events which could also simply happen by coincidence?
    Why are jesus-signs only ever seen in things like burnt toast, rusty plug holes which, given the sheer numbers of examples of burnt toast and rusty plug holes – it’s no surprise that a human who is _wanting_ to see something will interpret random noise how they _want_ to see it.
    It’s the “look, it’s a baby jesus in a cloud” … no, it’s a cloud, end of story. The number of “signs” which are disregarded by the majority of people makes you wonder why not just make the effort and do something _obvious_ and _widespread_ and _thoroughly unexplainable by random coincidence_ but no, never happens.

  4. Either
    a) you and this person are incredibly similar and have a lot in common..
    b) you know them very well or vice versa..
    c) it’s some kind of sign..
    d) it’s really random.. i mean the chances are slim but never ever impossible..

  5. it’s coincidence. i get that a lot too. you will be surprised with how many people in the world share the same knowledge.


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