silvery sparkly dots in the air after astral projection anyone?

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Pull My Finger

No, thank you. I just had some.

richard m

mmmmmmmmm do you mean micro-dots by any chance


Thats a lack of oxygen to the brain. That or you stared at the sun too long.
I got those when I was pregnant and called it pixie dust lol.

Invincible One

Yes, I’ll have some. I’m all out. Thanks.


Stop holding your breath until you pass out thats not real astral projection. The sparkly dots are lack of oxygen to your brain.

Shixapen Shixalope

like snail in garden leave trail


well i don’t see the dots after the projection but i suppose some do…..but sometimes….if i unfocus my eyes i notice that i can little blue atom like thingies in the air going really fast…..only noticed that once i started learning about astral projection. Don’t listen to the non believers 😛 i know what you are talking about. ohhh and congratz on astral projecting 😀 i find it hard to 🙂


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