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Sikhs , A question about Guru Granth Sahib !!?

Sikhs , Will the light of Guru Granth Sahib ever reach the world !!?
we Sikhs have seen most harsh days , but the present situation challenges our very Sikh philosophy & our identity of Khalsa ; The fanatical Hindus have no respect for anything related to Sikhism ; They have openly commited sacrilege against our Sikh Gurus ;Now they are saying Sikhs are no more than sword arms of Hindus ;
plus to make situations worse sikh youth are becoming apostates by cutting hair & shunning turban , The Sikhi saroop which was once the special , HANDSOME form of a male has now become ‘ nothing ‘ for the Sikh youth ;
But the light of SGGS is the message of God to humanity ; It offers so much to the modern world which no other holy book can , like for example it gives women equal status to men which is what many women need ; Then Khalsa teaches people to be soldiers ; This is what we need in world of cowards ; Above all Guru Granth Sahib teaches how to meditate & reach god ;
How can such a pure light be hidden from the world when world needs it most ??;
I have heard Giani Maskeen Ji say in his katha ” When the world awakens at the spiritual level, there will be only one source for God & that is Guru Granth Sahib “;
But will it the message of GGS ever reach the world ??
STEELBOY , please answer my question, rather than commenting on people’s answers ; Thanks steelboy!


  1. To be frank, I do not think sikhism has anything to offer to this world.
    What you are saying about sikhism, world already has it from other source.
    West already gave equal right to woman and this ideology is major failure. Just count how many woman head of the state so far in west.
    Soldiers, can you even imagine to beat Al Qaeda.. Just think world biggest powers are in their knees by these powerless people.
    Meditation.. can you beat hinduism and budhhism..
    I am sorry, I do not see any reason why sikhism should survive..This is word of survival of fittest.

  2. Sikhs possess a quality of surviving through odds. No organization can finish them. Guru and God are always with them.
    Jis ka Sahib Dadda Hoey, Tis no maar Na Sakey Koey(Whose master is Almighty, no one can finish him/her/them). Sikhs need to produce quality missionaries like late Bhajan Singh Yogi or Kartar Singh or Pro Sahib Singh and Gudwaras should be managed according to the teachings of Gurus. Hinduism itself would not survive for a long time. Who will believe in animal sacrifices, tree worship or animal worship, Ganesha, Luxmi, Killers of Shambooks, Gods of death, fasting, Castism, stories of heaven and hell, steeling of Parjat etc. in the future generations. Sikhism preaches tolerance. It unites humanity. There is no Kaffir or malechha or a dalit. It offers food for the hungary, it uses music to disseminate Gurus message.
    Regarding light of Guru Granth Sahib, it will reach to the world because world needs it. But remember in humans about 10% people are colour blind, we can not show green colour to them even they wish to see it.

  3. Respected Cyber Members, it is well said: “Charity begins at home”.
    First of all, our Sikhs spread all over the world (about 25 millions) should read, recite, comprehend and follow the Divine Word contained in the Guru Granth Sahib. And then live according to the Guru’s teachings. Once their outlook, behaviour, truthful living based on righteous deeds are visible to others, they will be attracted like honeybees and eager to know about our “Temporal & Spiritual” living as Charhdi Kalaa despite dark days of corruption, exploitation, greed, etc. I have no hesitation to say that currently even 99% Sikhs don’t know the essence of the Commencing Verse and First Stanza of Japp Jee Sahib. Congregations held all over the world have become merely rituals like any other religion. Guru Granth Sahib is kept in Gurduaras simply for Mathaa Taik and Vaak only as otherwise it is kept covered by several Romallahs. Similarly, series of Akhand Paaths have made the Sikhs stupids because they hardly listen Gurbaani except paying Bheta and arranging Langar like Malik Bhago.
    We ourselves should share gist of Gurbaani with others so that our mates, colleagues start taking interest in Guru Granth Sahib. thanks,


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