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Signs, Symbols, Synchronicities, Omens, Whisperings, Coincidences, etc. How do they influence your awakening?

Do you pay attention to these messages, give them import? Do you find them extraneous to your spiritual path? Or are they significant and weighty? Do you notice juxtapositions and anomalies as signposts for your growth? Do you attend to your dreams as indicators of your state of consciousness? What outer tools bring Aha! moments to you and prod you to awaken to the Absolute? Or do you subscribe to meditation only…or something else?


  1. I don’t believe they’re messages at all. But that’s just because I’m not shallow enough to bother with all of this commercial mystical nonsense, and I’m too in touch with the world around me for it.

  2. We ignore them at great peril.
    The are the keys and signposts to enlightenment.
    Seeing them as luck, good or bad is a sure way to stagnation.
    Love and blessings Don

  3. Each existing thing is an invitation to meditate, reflect, learn, and be humbled by. Food for profound thought is to consider that each atom in my body was once part of something else which was part of something else which was part of something else which goes back to the big bang. Tomorrow the atoms which compose my body will yet be part of something else into infinity. My body’s components have been in existence from a 13 to 20 billion yrs ago until now and will exist infinitely into the future. I ponder: what does this imply? how is physical existence a metaphor for my spiritual existence?

  4. From the experience of my own journey, I can tell you that those synchronicities & coincidences make us more aware that somewhere, somehow, there is a divine force working to bring certain people together for specific purposes.
    Look around you at this beautiful world that we are destroying…
    Did you know that the position of Earth is located between one of the cloudy spirals in the Milky Way. Our location gives the observer, the clearest view of celestial phenomena in the galaxy. Is that a coincidence, or is there a more profound reason for that?
    With regard to dreams: Demons are also spiritual forces which work to destroy men. When you think about it, in the daytime you are in the physical realm and at night you are in the spiritual realm. Is it possible that negative spiritual forces as well as positive forces can cause us to dream?
    Perhaps there is something we don’t know about dreams which is contributing to our disease and ill-health?
    If you read NT scripture, you will not find that meditation is part of God’s will for us. The three aspects of God’s will are:
    1. Daily prayer
    2. Daily NT reading
    3. Sanctification
    In fact, we are told that ascetic practices do not help to restrain sensory indulgence. You can meditate and fast till the cows come home, but it won’t help you to find God!

  5. They all work together and alert our DNA. Our DNA is activated by numbers, symbols, sounds. Glitches in the matrix are becoming more common place. The cosmos is changing with us. We are living in a most unique time. We haven’t been in this part of space in 26,000 years. It is a higher vibration here. It also is working on our DNA. The “junk” DNA that no one has known what to do with or what it is for is filling in. 2 strand to 12 strand. I would say this is putting us in a higher vibration which is above our slower vibrating 3d world. You can actually feel it and see it. Some are having ascension symptoms. They can be anything from aches and pains to anxiety disorder with many in between. But, they are temporary. The body is lining up with the higher vibration and it is a little harder for some of us. Almost everything is an Aha! moment now. Everything is coming and working together in accord for our ascension into the 5th dimension. Even the earth, the sun, everything is evolving right along with us. We must not fail this time.
    Merry christmas, happy holidays, happy winter solstice and happy yule to you, sirius.

  6. I spend most of the time trying to listen to my inner voice, but I’ve got to admit, there are times where external phenomena create those “AHA” moments. I think being aware of all of your surroundings, inner and outer, is very important. The Universe tells us everything that we need to know if we only just listen. Resistance and feelings of frustration are only just feedback that we are taking a wrong turn. Life was not meant to be a struggle, but rather a series of learning opportunities and blessings.
    I love the song, “I always know what I need to know” by Karen Taylor Good. It hits this awareness on the head.

  7. There are no real coincidences things have a perfect timing and order to all things. Signs and miracles are there to remind us we are not alone in the world, but it is our job to remember all the things we have been blessed with in this life.

  8. They are helping me to understand pure and perfect form of God.
    By refusing all these things, you can enter the `gate`
    Otherwise you will be like a`fish in the net`

  9. All of my years of meditation and study only cleared my mind for this experience of interaction with the *other* in love. This is the transmission of one to the other, male to female. Without “The Cypress tree in the garden” there would be no enlightenment. : )

  10. As a too brief response to a complex topic, I’m reminded of the founding father of American psychology, William James’ remark pertinent to such experiences. He said of them that they are the sort of things which “forbid our premature closing of accounts with reality.”
    I keep an open mind. I’ve had far too many experiences that were not predicted by the model of reality that’s predominant in my culture not to know that that model is at best quite incomplete. Far too many. But for myself I find a need for balance. I can get kind of manic-ly off on a tangent when I fail to keep touching the earth … though, I admit, usually even those manic tangents tend to teach me very useful lessons … and sometimes even when touching the earth, the earth moves!

  11. Whatever is seen by such
    A heart and mind is a flower,
    Whatever is dreamed is a moon.
    Only a barbarian mind could fail
    To see the flower; only an animal
    Mind could fail to dream the moon

  12. I’ve been really wondering recently about synchronicities and repeating numbers. Such events have become more frequent in the last year or two.
    Mention a specific well-known person, word or book title etc and they’ll turn up on TV or newspapers at almost the very same moment or within half a day.
    Numbers on watches or clocks keep cropping up which are the same in reverse, multiples of a number or even meaningful ones. But all this happens when you just glance unintentionally at the same moment that one appears (eg 2:32, 4:44, 5:55, 9:11 or 11:11).
    Perhaps we spiritually-sensitive folk are subconsciously aligning our conscious attention with the vibrations around us. The universe is impinging upon our awareness in ways that go beyond any mere statistical laws.
    Our connection with the Flow is being emphatically confirmed to encourage us in a world which ‘appears’ chaotic. Even the mystery of it all is very exciting as we approach the controversial and pivotal 2012.

  13. Squirt AM, apho, and Magician said it well……..some of us recognize the new paradigm and the myriad shifts that are occurring within each of us, and within our earth, and across the universe. Everything is meaningful and valid. Everything is in our awareness. Everything is known and understood. We, all of us who recognize it and participate, are already entering the new paradigm, are assisting to bring it in, and are bearing witness to our own magnificent creation. It may seem slow to some but to us it is already happening. The shift is in, and will be complete by 2012. In peace, friend.

  14. All external tools helps to create a conducive external environment. Objective is to make the mind calm and pure. Then mind become a solid lunching pad for the journey beyond. All are another milestone to be crosses over.
    It’s like in a school a child goes through a false and superficial environment to learn. Then child becomes mature person and steps in actual environment to sustain itself. At this point in time, that person will not carry his old bags, books and stuff, which are redundant now. But s/he will still respect the false environment (i.e. school), which was helpful in learning and development.

  15. There is science called ‘nimitham’ in Tamil or ‘Prashnam’ in Malayalam. Based on the external indicators, thery have been predicting the events, in Nimitham. In Prashnam, also certain indicators were interpreted to read the future. Many do have faith in them. I have not been averse to such predictions. I am certain about one thing. That is Karma. All that befalls you, does because of your karmic effect. Yes, I do believe in the efficacy of meditation and I am practising it. Already I have staarted feeling the good effects of it. Meditation is a process in which you try to get deeper into your inner consciousness. The deeper you go within yourself, the nearer you go to your real Self. The darshan of the Real Self within is as good as the darshan of God.


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