shouldnt everything in existence be purely good, if a god created everything from his own energy?

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if nothing else existed in the very beginning but god, then god had to create everything from his own energy -which is purely good. how can anything exist that is purely evil energy. it would seem pure good energy could only yeild pure good. evil arising from good would be like oil arising from pure water. what do you think?

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Sirensong sunshine

They’ll all start bleating about original sin, watch…
One small fruit = all the natural disasters, diseases, catastrophes, famines to the whole world and all its species.

Crybaby Atheist

There is a difference between “evil” and “bad”.
I might be quite evil, but, in order to succeed at foisting my evil on others, I must have some “good” characteristics. Those are still good things, I am simply using them to achieve evil purposes.
Bad cannot exist without good, but good can most certainly exist without bad.
I don’t know why “free will” is such a poor answer. I guess if someone says that is is, that must make it so.

Cerberus' squeeky toy

You’re absolutely right. God must be evil, don’t trust the fictional fraud!


Allah has created all that we call the universe as a test for us. This is not our final destination. What we might consider to be “bad” or “good” could actually be quite the opposite. As regards oppression, this is something that Allah forbids for Himself to do to anyone and He hates it when anyone oppresses someone else. He does have absolute power over everything. He allows sickness, disease, death and even oppression so that we can all be tested in what we do.


there is no such thing as “good energy” or “bad energy”


Logical fallacy with no terms of reference or understanding of the nature of everything.

Believe me...

Everything was created good.
Certain beings that God created were given the ability to make decisions for themselves (angels and humans). Unfortunately some of them abused that privilege and disobeyed God thus removing the goodness from their lives. Evil does not exist unto itself, evil is the lack of good.

craig b

Why does bread go moldy and rotten?
Because the good is infected with evil stuff. God did not create the evil, but He allowed it because of FREE-WILL.
If there was no freedom to pick and choose what we want in this life, then we would be merely puppets not knowing anything from anything.
As it is, we can CHOOSE to do good or we can choose to do evil which comes out of our own being. WE CREATE EVIL. (by doing that which is NOT good!)


When King Saul did evil in God’s sight. God sent him an evil spirit to torture Him.
In this case evil was used by God as wages for Saul committing evil.
Didn’t God say you reap what you sow.
Seems like God can dish out evil when it is warranted.


God has 3 types of energies. Internal, Marginal and External.
His Internal Energy is his spiritual energy,
Marginal is us, parts and parcels of him
External energy is material or illusory energy,
So in this way we are always serving God, theists, athiests, it doesn’t matter. We serve his Internal or External energy. The whole point of Bhakti-Yoga, the most oldest, sacred, ancient monotheistic process of us connecting with the Supreme is trying to have us serve his Internal energy and not his External.
In the Bhagavad-Gita 15.15 the Lord says, I am giving you knowledge, rememberance, and forgetfulness. If a person wants to forget God, then God will make sure he is in the perfect situation to forget God, and if he wants to remember, God will take personal care of his devotee, so in this way, people’s destiny’s are simply shaped from their desires, and everything else is arranged. This External energy, or Maya which means illusion, is giving us false promises of satisfaction or happiness. For instance, we purchase a phone, beforehand we were excited to get it. . but while it’s in our hands the value diminishes everyday. Or our degrees and certificates, cars, money, fame. . everyday the taste decreases, and in this way nobody is enjoying uninterrupted happiness.
God is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. He has nothing to do with our own desires. If we desire to disconnect from him he disposes the arrangement. In this way we are continually proposing an idea, an action, and God disposes the circumstance.
Hare Krishna

modar secret

evil is a concept , not a thing

neil s

A wound is where flesh is missing. In the same way, “evil” could be seen as where goodness is missing. So, everything that exists can be good and evil still be a problem. Something is “evil” to the extent it does not exist.

Child of God

“evil” exists because Adam and Eve sinned. When God created the world, he created everything PERFECT and SINLESS. However, when adam and eve sinned, sin came into the world. However, Jesus died for our sins so that we can live eternally in heaven with Him.


the terms “good” and “evil” aren’t as the same as you understand :
1- is there anything called ” coldness ” or ” warmth ” ?
no , there is only “heat” . and we use the teem coldness when we describe the absence of certain amount of “heat” . so as for “darkness” and “brightness” , so as for “good” and “evil” .
2- let’s say we are driving on a ” dangerous ” road . actually , there is no ” dangerous ” road , there are roads that you need to drive carefully on . you can’t describe the road as evil . it’s you way of driving that may determine how dangerous that road is . take Satan as an example . if you obey him , then you and him are evil . if you don’t , then his existence won’t harm you , in fact , you can get closer to your lord by defying him .


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