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Should you expend energy on anyone who drains you and is negative, even if it's family/friends?

I can’t deal with certain people who are just so negative that they drain me of my energies. After talking with them for a while my heart rate goes up, and they drag me down into their muck and mire.
How do you handle people like this?
Or is it best to avoid them?


  1. it is certainly best to avoid them, but i am plagued by them. i feel for you. i have to deal with it several nights per week and weekends with no end in sight!

  2. You can’t change them. You also can’t give up your peace for the sake of others. Do your very best to avoid them, but if you can’t, don’t let them “take” your energy. The way to do this is to mentally distance yourself from them and their negative dramas.Pretend you are an actor in a play and you are just listening to their lines or better yet don’t listen if you think you can get away with it!. Don’t interact with them if possible, or take personally anything they say.
    It’s wonderful that you are aware of this!

  3. Unless they are your children who are not yet grown, avoid them. The problem is that there is so many negative drama kings/queens that to avoid this effectively, one might have to become a hermit.


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