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Should you allow yourself to leave your body after being paralyzed by night terrors?

They usually come for me in my dreams, it will be a normal dream then suddenly turn haunted into a horrifying nightmare, Then even worse, when I wake up, I find myself paralyzed by some malevolent entity in the room. If I’m to lazy to shake myself out of the paralysis, the entity will sometimes shock me, tickle my face, or crush my balls. Sometimes this experience is accompanied by involuntary astral projection, but when I sense an entity in the room, hear it growl, bark like a dog, or mimic the voices of my family members, I usually hold off on the vibrations. One time when I decided it would be safe to leave my body, an entity beat the crap out of me. It was pitch black, and I’ve been traumatized by that experience ever since. I’ve tried calling out on jesus asking for Gods help, but the entities (usually robotic reptilians, or demonic looking elementals) don’t care, and they will torture me if I’m to lazy to kick myself out of the paralysis.
This is not normal sleep paralysis, I know the difference trust me. So don’t give me this normal sleep paralysis skeptical nonsense! How many of you skeptics have actually seen the demonic entities, reptilians, and spirit attachments actually torture you and crush your balls? I want to hear the comments of real experiencers of the night terrors, thank you
By the way, I’m not demon possessed and you don’t bring this kind of problem to conventional doctors or shrinks because they aren’t spiritual and are only interested in drugging people and making off with the health insurance money, so F-off to you people who recommend it, thank you


  1. You are possessed by demons. Get an exorcism. When that doesn’t work, come to terms with the fact that you’re mentally ill and check yourself into an institution that can give you the care you need.

  2. It is not safe to leave your body while this is going on. Burn some sage in your room or something. Do what you can to get them out. It could also be just sleep paralysis. Many people have reported feeling like someone was watching or hurting them while in sleep paralysis. If you do astral project, do it as fast as you can.


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