Should we send energy down to Earth in the form of microwaves?





I read about satellites with solar panels popular mechanics. The idea was to have these solar panel satellites orbit the Earth and send the energy generated down in the form of microwaves. I’m no genius but it seems like a bad idea to me. I thought microwaves were responsible for heating the water molecules in our food to a boiling temperate. What are clouds made up of?


  1. They’ve been looking at this on and off for many years and gave up on it for various reasons but I’ve heard that recent technological advances make it a bit more practical.

  2. Well, on the face of it, I’d have to say no we shouldn’t send energy down to Earth in the form of microwaves.
    However, solar energy panels on our roofs are a great way to harness the sun’s heat and store the energy in a battery.

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