Home Discussion Forum Should the definition of life be comparable to the definition of self-consciousness?

Should the definition of life be comparable to the definition of self-consciousness?

From a purely political standpoint of course.
Within our plutocratic democracy, should the lives of the rich start before the lives of the poor? Or are all fetuses concepted equal?


  1. i don’t know how you could determine that the rich are more conscious than the poor… but the law should defer to the consciousness most qualified to make steering decisions, ALWAYS.
    that does unfortunately mean that i outrank any tiny potentialities residing inside me. a vessel is a vessel, and this one is mine unless i am accepting passengers.

  2. All stages of human life, are alive, and human.
    Sperm, ova, zygote, embryo, fetus, infant, toddler, child, baby, middleschooler, teenager, adult, and old far are all alive and human and therefore are life. This is scientific fact. They are not potential life, they are all alive and human.
    Human life does not “Start”, it is a merging and continuation of existing life. This is scientific fact.
    The controversy about teenagers is moot, they are human.

  3. All fetuses are concepted equal because self-consciousness is classless, raceless, and apolitical. Inner and outer consciousness=beginning of life.

  4. Pro- life for everyone.
    Each person’s life is valuable. No one’s life should be taken by another, with the possible exception of war or capital punishment, or self defense.
    Each person has the choice to make what he or she will of his or her life.

  5. having a bunch of words symbols and memories floating around in your head does not mean you have a consciousness, a soul or anything that all living animals do not have .A few dna differances and we are dogs .or sheep or pigs .SO i do not equate my life with others .I am a natural born killer and will defend my land and property to the death .All i have around me is mine and not for others .Touch my woman and die , deprive me of my property and face my rath .
    I am master of my own kingdom and no power on earth or in the sky can take it but for force and my death .


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