Should the Dalai Lama be legalised?

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Or merely decriminalised?
It makes no sense because you have no brain.
if he’s so good why isn’t the world already a better place?!

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what do you mean legalised .. the Dali Lama is actually a person .. do you mean should he be allowed to come out of exile ? yes!


Yes, this question makes no sense really.
But, unfortunately, China is hoping that much of his movement goes away when he dies, as he is elderly.


you cannot legalize a person.
he is an exiled head of state, honey, and his land is under foreign control.


I have never tried it, is it similar to marijuana.

John W

For one thing the Dalai Lama is not, and never has been, a criminal!! (except to the chinese govt)
This wonderful man should be shown the respect and love he deserves, i am a christian but this man shows us all that there are better ways to live than we see from some, so-called, religious leaders.. I only wish that everyone could show the grace, courage and intelligence that the Dalai Lama shows every day.. The world is a much better place because he is here…


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