Home Discussion Forum Should Steven Hawking be the next James Bond?

Should Steven Hawking be the next James Bond?


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahah…. definetly!
    Could you imagine a scene with an explosion? That little chair would be bouncing off the walls.

  2. I don’t know… I really enjoyed Daniel Craig… It would turn out very interesting if Steven Hawking would be 007 though. Still, I enjoyed watching Craig do the secret agent thing…

  3. yea,right,brilliant idea.just add some rocket launchers to the side of his chair,and an ejector seat and he’d be well away.

  4. He’s far too intelligent and could probably produce much better gadgets.If he was chosed would you put yourself forward for the part of his leading lady

  5. Mock all you want…. You won’t get an audition for Einstein the movie… that’s for sure. Btw, is it cold this time of year living in a pond?

  6. yes either that or as davros in the new series of doctor who but you cant make him too much of a bad guy hes got more brains than half the planet put together.


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