Home Discussion Forum Should public schools forbid students to wear crosses or other religious talismans?

Should public schools forbid students to wear crosses or other religious talismans?

Isn’t this a violation of separation of church and state? If gang colors can be forbidden, why not religious iconography? Religions are like warring gangs are they not?
Have a happy Easter everybody.


  1. No they should not.And the person wearing it is not being forced to wear it so it does not violate the so called separation of church and state

  2. i dont think they should because i used to go to a public school and i had muslim people in my school and they didnt even have to salute the falg because of their religion and they could wear scarfs over their heads so christians should be able to wear crosses!

  3. Yes they should,why do people love to brag about what they believe in?like it was some football team or rock band etc?

  4. The idea of seperation of church and state came about in the late 1700s in order to ensure that the United States Government does not declare One Single Religious belief system and enforce that on the citizens.
    Think about that and then look at your question again.

  5. YOU Mistakenly ‘SPEAK’…. out of Ignorance !
    Def: IGNORANCE….. to be Uninformed !
    There are NO Laws creating a Separation of Church & State!
    As they had in England…. I.E. “The Church of England!”
    OR….. did YOU miss that in HISTORY CLASS?
    Thanks for NOT Asking ! RR

  6. No, and I would challenge your metaphor. Gang related violence is done on a small scale and in a school setting would be individual against individual. Violence based on religion is usually also motivated by politics, money, or land and done on a systemic, wide spread/governmental scale. Of course there are individual on individual violence and large scale gang violence (cocaine industry for one) but for the most part, I think the wearing of crosses, hijabs, or yarmulkes gives kids in public school a chance to learn about each other’s faiths and form friendships. Those friendships are what will help lessen religion-based violence.

  7. when i first read your question i thought yes, they arent hurting anyone, but when i read your follow up it really made me think. when you are wearing gang colors you are promoting what the gang thinks which seems the same as the cross. they argue that gangs promote violence but by wearing the cross you could be promoting you like that peoples souls are being tortured in hell. sorry i cant answer your question, those were just my thoughts. and i never understood why people couldnt support gangs its a free country and they arent doing anything wrong. i guess the constitution does not include young people.
    happy easter to you too!

  8. If this is the case, they need to stop “meet me at the pole” on school grounds. Since school prayer was removed in the 50’s, our schools have become one of the most dangerous places for our kids, as witnessed by all of columbine and Virginia Tech, and it should be a place of friendship, security and learning.
    Amazing how we take the opinions of Hollywood ho’s, pimps, and prostitutes into account over what we believe is perhaps a God fearing, God loving nation.
    The violation comes when we infringe on other peoples beliefs with the “Anti Civil Liberties Union” and frivolous lawsuits. The violation comes when we remove any resemblance of our faith as a nation from public viewing as we choose.
    Gang violence has increased perhaps ten fold (I’m being conservative), in our schools since the “ACLU” started butting their noses into our lives.
    It’s a shame that we profess to be a God fearing, God loving nation but we let the likes of the “ACLU”, gangs, and the Michael Newdows, Ward Churchhills of this world dictate to our children (instead of letting them choose), their own beliefs.
    I see no harm in our kids wearing crosses or Christian shirts in school….but it’s o.k. for them to wear a budweiser shirt, or tupac shirts, or marilyn manson shirts? Such hypocrits.

  9. No, but that applies to ALL religious jewellery.
    Many schools ban Wicca/Pagan/Satanic jewellery on the pretext that they are “gang-related”.
    It should be all or nothing.


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