Should i write him a new one?

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OK my friend asked me to hold onto his Book of Shadows while he was Gone (his parents got a devorce and he had to go to his moms for 2 weeks) and while he was gone i kinda lost it (the BOS) :o( and i know that he didnt have his spells in this one, it was just the basic stuff, like: The holidays and the wiccan Rede.
he was kinda upset that it was gone, shouls i buy a new book and write the stuff down in there for him? you know to say i’m sorry.
Prue: yes “Book of shadows” is the name of the spell book for wiccans 🙂
where do you think Charmed got it from? :o)
and thank you for your answer!

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dsafdsafdsaf d

burn it at the stake


Throw an oak stake


Yeah I think that is a really good idea!!


yeah, you probably should. he’ll appreciate your thoughtfullness. I’m curious, though. Is the “Book of Shadows” the official name for a spell book for Wiccans? I always thought it was only from the awesome t.v. show “Charmed”?


Yes, you should.


You should definitely buy him a new, but I don’t know if you should write anything in it unless you know exactly what was written in it. I am not Wiccan but have a relative who is, and these books are very personal. Just give him the new one, apologize and ask if he would like you to rewrite the info inside. Good Luck.


Do what you would want from someone that accidently did that to you.


I would try finding the one you lost first. Only offer to pay for the cost of a new one as a last resort.

The Great Agnostic Libra Lover

well yeah that would be a nice gesture bobby do that and i’m sure he’ll forgive you as you are human and we as humans make mistakes just tell him you are sorry as well but look for the one you lost first and if you can’t find it then do what you have to do

Deacon Knight

while it would be a nice gesture, a BOS is supposed to be intensely personal, a magickal diary of sorts, and he really should do it himself–if you want to volunteer to help, that might be a better solution


that wud be a wonderfull idea n he will surely feel much more better n know that u r responsible for future times


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