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should i try to become a mason for learning more about astral projection and meditation etc?

i’ve heard stuff like they know about this kinda stuff and they can secretly educate people about it etc


  1. Nope; sorry. Wrong group.
    To the person above me, Masons don’t invite people to join them; you have to ask to join.

  2. My husband is a mason; he knows nothing on the subject of astral projection and little on meditation.
    I have never been to a masonic rite, and while it is a great organization I think you are barking up the wrong tree for what you want to learn.
    There are a lot of ways to educate yourself on these topics though. Meditation is taught in some churches, community centers, schools, etc; There are videos and tapes and many many books; Once you learn the basics, AP is just the next step.

  3. Are good secrets not worth sharing? The fact that they keep secrets says a lot. They are on a power trip. They are a cult of glorified thieves who rob and who help others to rob behind closed doors in a veil of white and outward cleanliness and respectability. They seldom rob money. They steal opportunities and confiscate what was given to everybody in the form of real assets. They turn them into commodities. They are alleged to dabble in the occult. They tend to make event happen and then try to attribute them to fate or to divine punishment. In other words, they are “the hands behind” many events.
    Their “modus operandi” is to rob Peter to pay Paul. It is through uneven exchange. They charge a fee in the form of ongoing damages for robbing opportunities and benefits. These damages are the compromise that others make with them. They thus wear down the entire civilization through this form of usury. By the way, they also control the banks and the monetary system. They are alleged to be behind the false system of creating money out of thin air in the form of credit. This fraudulently generated money becomes their power tool.


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