Should i trust a guy who is dealing with astrology,who predicted my death at age 79 when pluto conjuts my sun?

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He told me that pluto will conjuct my sun when i am 79, and that is probably when i will die, if nothing kills me in the meantime. Should i trust him?

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Absolutely NOT!..
It is our own Soul who is in charge of when we leave this life to return to our natural *home* in Spirit (Heaven) and has nothing to do with astrology, although that *science* (yes, it is a science and not fiction) has great power and effect in the universe..


Yes I told you the truth, now you are doubting me? That’s it, I’m changing you time of death to seven days from now. Goodbye.


No of course not.

☢ Salem ☢

seriously.i would not trust a nut job that tells you when you are going to die what a freak he is not god or a psychic dump him in get somebody else that is going to treat you right


if u trust him then u have no future.he knows nothing of astrology.tell him 2 cojunct with uranus.

Elaine M

No. Someone said in 1989 that the world would end in 1991 and that four out of five of us would die of radiation burns. Big whoop, none of it happened.
Even if the guy did believe it himself, it’s not likely to happen to you.


No, it is very hard to select such a moment. Nobody knows..


just contact one of the best Astrologers in the world,
her name is Astrologer Ragini shree frm star news,
n here is website to reach Ragini shree G
her predictions never went wrong,
n recently she predicts the future of a Rationalist
on a National TV star News in front of whole Nation,
n which is proven absolutely correct.


Not really, as the future is not etched in stone as it fluid and changing all the time. What is more, the future is not linear as most think it is, any more that it is 3 dimensional. One decision made other than what is projected changes the future and then there are all the other changes which follow.
Say that you decide to go to the movies on Tuesday rather than on Friday as you planned. Then while there you meet a person who interests you and you start dating and finally marry. To you this may seem to be the only path to follow but it may vary from the path when your predicted demise was made. So now you may die at 59, who knows?
None the less, like Terry said, it is you the spiritual entity within your body which decides when it will depart the human shell.


yes only Ragini Shree from can give exact solution to such problems. Her calculations and spiritual knowlegde is unparralel…


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