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Should I take tai chi or karate/self defense?

Which of these classes do y’all think is more beneficial exercise? I can take either of them this next semester at college, but I don’t know which one is better. Does anyone have any experience with these classes?


  1. What are your goals?
    If it’s short term I imagine the karate would be better and long term would be Tai chi.
    Unfortunately my answer will be inaccurate since I have no idea what their teaching in those specific classes.
    Anyway you can go and watch a class? That would help tremendously.

  2. If exercise is all you are looking for, both should be adequate, although the karate would more than likely have better cardio. It depends mainly on the instructor and his/her style of teaching.

  3. Tai Chi and Karate go well together if you have time for both, because Tai Chi concentrates on well-being or more “feminine” self-healing exercises, and Karate concentrates on self-defense or more “masculine” martial exercises.
    Do Karate first, because the sooner you learn about self-defense the better. Then start Tai Chi later for more diverse exercise, either in addition to Karate or when you are taking a break from Karate lessons.

  4. It all depends on what ur looking to get out of learning a MA. As long as u have a good instructor both are good MAs.
    Karate is an external MA which uses muscular force. Depending on how good ur instructor is and how hard u train, u can become proficient in it in a few years.
    Tai Chi is an internal MA that is known for its many health benefits. Tai Chi develops internal strength and relys less on muscular strength. Depending on how good ur instructor is and if u practice it daily u might become proficient in it in maybe a decade.
    I am biased toward Tai Chi because thats what i practice. Tai Chi uses every part of ur body to strike, joint locks, throws, and kicks. It also helps u deal with stress and anxiety.
    Good luck

  5. Keep in mind it takes years just to be proficient in Tai chi. The health benefits are great and the applications can be devestating. But if you want self defense in less amount of time, karate would be a better choice.

  6. sounds like karate is more suitable for you tai chi takes decades to use in a fight it is very healthy but u wont loose much weight like you would karate although in the long run tai chi is best but for you i say karate

  7. it totally deepens on your gaols and the type of your body,but I would suggest you to do karate first.then some self defense or kickboxing,that would be great.


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