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Should I take Tai Chi classes next year?

I don’t exercise much, so I’m pretty out of shape. I’m a little overweight… not severely, but I could spare a few pounds.
I’m signing up for my courses next semester, and I need an elective. I figure I really need exercise, and if I must attend a class I’m more likely to do it! I was going to take yoga, because I have done yoga before and I love it. Unfortunately it’s a very popular class and it’s already full.
Then I saw beginner’s tai chi. I have been told that it is very enjoyable, and great for the body. But I’m a little nervous because I’m out of shape, and I’m not a very strong person. I don’t know a whole lot about Tai Chi, other than some things I’ve seen on TV, and what I’ve heard from others. I will do some research, but I want an opinion from someone who does it. Do you think Tai Chi is a good start for someone like me (weak and out of shape lmao), or should I start with something else?
And if I do decide to go with the class, what should I bring/wear?


  1. don’t worry bout Ur weight all u need n some good nutrient and a few daily workout n u will look alright ta chi is a good class it teach u easy defenses way to protect Ur self n it doesn’t evolve in any physical strength


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