Home Discussion Forum should i take lights and optics or solid state physics?

should i take lights and optics or solid state physics?

i am an undergraduate physics major who will do research into string theory, entanglement, and quantum teleportation. i want to know whether light and optics course or solid state physics course would be more helpful to my area of research.


  1. A Light and optics course would help you out when it deals with physics like holographic or meganomic generation…… I think a solid state course would help you out more because it will bring you into the know of energy, particles and maybe even into antimatter research.

  2. Honestly, neither will be directly relevant to a particle theorist. Both will be of value, though. Optics will help you with your grad E&M class. Solid state will help with your QM. These are the foundations of pretty much any further study. Just take what you find interesting. And you really ought to keep an open mind about what you want to do in the long run at least up until you’ve gotten through some graduate physics classes.

  3. I think light and optics, or electromagnetics in general, will help you more than solid state if you want to go into fundamental physics. The reason is that these subjects are themselves more closely related to the foundations of physics and will provide more of the essential mathematical tools. I could possibly imagine somebody taking up those subjects you are interested in without having had a course in solid state, but not without electomagnetics. However it also depends on some other things. One is, how those subjects (solid state included) are being taught in your university.
    As another word of caution, I really recommend that you take all three, partly because they are fundamental to what every physicist should know these days, but also because you never know what the job market will be for string theorists or quantum programmers.
    I finally note that quantum entanglement and teleportation have little to do with string theory, so you should be prepared to have to make a choice. String theory will require a heavy dose of mathematics, while the other two will offer mainly experimental opportunities, especially in the future.


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