I regularly do yoga, my husband and I recently began trying to get pregnant. In every yoga book I have ever read, DVD I have ever watched it always mentions something about yoga and pregnancy. I have never really paid any attention since it has never applied to me before and it goes against everything I think I know about Yoga, but is there any risk associated with Yoga during very early pregnancy?


  • no yoga is really good for the body, and there’s even pregnancy yoga! when you get pregnant, you’ll of course want to talk to your doctor about it just to make sure it’s okay for you specifically.

  • Exercise is very healthy in pregnancy. The warning is most likely for women who were not used to exercise prior to pregnancy.
    If you start a new exercise routine after becoming pregnant, it is recommended that you start off slowly to ease your body into it. It is safe to continue exercises that you were used to, until it becomes uncomfortable for you or you near the end of pregnancy (for some exercises).
    Your body will thank you if you continue to exercise as long as you can. The pregnancy and birth will be easier. And you’ll bounce back and have more energy after the baby is born. You’ll need it!
    Good luck and I hope you are successful soon!

  • Not at all. Especially if your body is already used to it. Exercise is wonderful for pregnancy. Keep it up! The only concern for the later months is your equilibrium will be off a bit, so be cautious of that.

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