Should I make my book of shadows with a 3 ringbinder or a sketchbook.
If i use a sketchbook (spiral bound) how do I add pages to that?
And if I use a 3 ring binder. I think this looks to office-y and the pages in my binders always tear out so easily.
Ignorant Fuc.ker or whatever. Shut up. I am not wiccan, and you have no right to bash wiccans. You dont know enough about them. I could call it a book of sunshine but Its not a gay photo album. Dont answer things you dont know about you ungreatful Faccia Brutta. And for your information, thats not “a satanic latin spell.” Its a different language we speak in my home town.
I am not a wiccan. I am a witch. I do not practice wicca. I have an old tradition from italy.


  • How about making a book of sunshine??!!??

    Oh wait…i forgot…wiccans…..

    Edit..a book of sunshine would be a gay photo album?

  • The book shall be covered in the skin of a virgin, its pages from the backs of the wisest men in the land and abound but the spine of snake…oh yeah and written in blood..

    really though Id go with the 3 rring binder but the smaller ring ones not the big officyones…

  • Your Book of Shadows is your own. I use a leatherbound journal and so does my husband. However, i’m OCD when it comes to organization and a 3 ring binder with dividers sounds wonderful. And i really hate flipping through pages for the right spell, it stirs up my balance and then i have to start all over again. I think my question would be: where does tradition end and new efficient ways begin?

  • What about doing it scrapbook style. That way you can add pages and scrapbook paper is much nicer than regular paper. You can be more creative too.

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