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Should i Listen to Incubus Even if it is the name of a DEmon?

Did Incubus get their name from a Demon?
i love incubus but i feel so bad listening to their music since incubus is a demon who attacks people in their sleep.what are you’re thoughts about this? i know incubus music is not bad at least the lyric are not, but still why would anyone name their band after a demon? and their has been many stories about this demon Incubus,So i do believe that this demon incubus is real.


  • Actually I had watched a clip of them explaining their name and they had said they picked it when they were very young not knowing exactly what it meant until they had someone do one of their first concert posters and seen a risque’ sex demon on it. They just stuck with the name because they had already named themselves.

  • No, names don’t matter and if they have no negative influence on you (even if they are evil which they aren’t) it is fine.
    I am a christian who listens to Marilyn Manson and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • yer go ahead their music is good, dont judge a book by its cover (or in this case a band by its name) if u like their music listen to them, and if the name of their songs disturb u just change their name on ur ipod or watever

  • man incubus the demon is a myth and incubus the band is good wat difference does the name make anyways seriously if ur worrying about this u have sum problems

  • Incubus is amazing. You should listen to them. I wonder if REM would have been as successful if they had gone with the name they almost chose, ‘Cans of Piss’. Now that would have been a shocking name.

    • Ironically speaking, R.E.M stands for rapid eye movements which occurs during sleep. Sleep Paralysis happens when someone is asleep, conscious and cant move a muscle… i wonder if the two are connected? Many say sleep paralysis happens when a demon attacks…. rem, incubus………. interesting

  • Dude…they are named after a demon and that is rock ‘n roll. Incubus is a rock ‘n roll band. Rock ‘n roll is supposed to be shocking, even “scary” as G.G. Allin once put it. If you can’t handle the heat, get outta the kitchen. J/K

  • i dont think the name of the band really matters…. but if it just bothers you then dont listen to it…. i dont think that demon is real… i have read a lot of mithology and he is one of them… just a myth.

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