should i keep studying my tarot deck?





i have a tarto deck called rider waite and i’m now on the 9 of wands card. i’m almost done studying the cards. i’ve been very dedicated at studying my cards anf will keep practicing. should i keep practicing my deck so i can get better to do readers for aother people. if anyone is a tarot reader on yahoo answers should i take my time and practice?


  1. If you are a Christian you better take that deck and burn them!
    They are abomination before God. He forbids any Christian dabbling in the occult.If you are not saved and playing with those demonic cards just know this that unless you repent and turn away from them you will be separated from God for all eternity.
    You may not even care but when your life ends you will.

  2. Study.. Study and more study. I believe that the tarot deck is so complex that it would take a lifetime of study to master it. I love to study the deck and all the meanings that are there. I discover something new in it every day. Good luck to you with your deck.

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