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Should I follow Christianity or Krishna Consciousness?

Should I pray to Jesus or should I chant the Hare Krishna mantra? Should I believe in heaven and hell or should I believe in reincarnation? Both religions make a lot of sense to me, which religion should I follow?


  1. They can’t both be right because they contradict one another. Krishna devotees say it’s a sin to eat meat, yet Jesus ate meat. That would make Jesus a sinner, while the Bible says he was without sin. There are a lot of areas in which they disagree. I believe in Christianity.

  2. Pray. Find out which works for your lifestyle.
    As a Christian, God has done many things for me, and I’m sure with his guidance you will choose a path that is right for you.
    God Bless!

  3. God is one and just have so many ways to worship him. u can choose any way is ok which u believe. becoz ur believe and faith is more important. these thing never follow or listen to anyone , just listen to ur own soul’s inner self’s voice and go for that.

  4. I can’t really get a handle on the cafeteria plan of choosing a religion, but a lot of people do it and I’m not being critical. Actually, I think making a choice (if you feel you absolutely have to have a religion) makes much more sense than following whatever your parents or community happens to be into. That said, I think your choice here is clear: go for reincarnation because it’s much more reasonable than the heaven/hell nonsense. At least you can find a rational (sort of) basis for reincarnation whereas with Christianity it’s just give in to the belief of the masses and never question anything.

  5. You should follow what is true, regardless. If Jesus is the Promised Messiah, if He rose from the dead, then He must be followed. If He isn’t , then find what is true.
    Ir you are confused, read ‘Mere Christianity’ by C S Lewis. It’s short, easy to read, and interesting.

  6. You can believe in Christ AND Krishna! Pray to the Lord for guidance – both faiths believe in one God, and that God loves us deeply, and that God always helps the sincere seekers who reach out to Him.
    Meanwhile, you can try to chant Hare Krishna. It’s a very simple process, and a very simple – even scientifically proven – meditation technique for reducing anxiety, as well as for growing closer to God. It’s very simple!
    You can learn more at Krishna.com
    Good luck, and all the best with your spiritual journey!


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