Home Discussion Forum should i follow a religion, or what my soul tells me?

should i follow a religion, or what my soul tells me?

i know if i were to follow a religion, it would be something along the lines of wicca, shamanism, etc., but should i just meditate to contact a supreme being instead of following what someone else tells me?


  1. Faith is a very personal thing. Some people feel the need to attend church some don’t. Go with your gut feeling 🙂

  2. By suggesting you have a soul, you have unconsciously chosen a religion already. You just haven’t admitted it to yourself yet.

  3. Follow what your Inner Self says. Wicca, or other pagan paths, are not religions in the same since that Christianity is. You can follow a pagan path never set foot in a Temple or Grove or attend a public ritual. Many pagans are solitary practitioners, meaning they do as they wish when they wish, but they follow certainly seasonal guidelines for the when, such as the Sabbats and the Moon Rites, if they do those. Explore. Look at Unitarian Universalism (www.uua.org) this a ‘religion’ in name only that allows you social contact but does not require you to believe any particular creed. I, personally, am Pagan Unitarian Universalist, and I love it.

  4. just search for truth…ya can’t make up your own god, there are certain things that are absolute…do some research and study different belief systems, you’ll find that somethings are truly ridiculous but somethings are more fathomable than others. Keep your mind open and you’ll come to a belief.

  5. I don’t discuss politics or religion, too many argumentative ignorant opinions of it. This sounds like a joke question. But by your question and asking others what you should do, maybe a religion is best.

  6. Trust me my friend, religious works arent gonna do it for you in this life or after death. Religion is VERY deadly, follow Jesus as your own Saviour, He already took care of your sins, you dont need any works to save you, only your faith.

  7. People are religious because they want to be, or need to be. The only real freedom you have is to look at the facts and be brave enough to say “I don’t Know”. Be a scientist.

  8. Proverbs 28:26 states: “He that is trusting in his own heart is stupid.”
    Because “the heart is more treacherous than anything else and is desperate.” (Jeremiah 17:9; Numbers 15:39) To be treacherous is to be disloyal or false or to be a double-crosser.
    Our figurative heart can be devious. We need to rely on more than our feelings.
    You have received an invitation? It comes from Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of Almighty God, Jehovah, and it is recorded in the Bible. At Mark 10:21, we read Jesus’ words: “Come be my follower.” That is, in effect, Jesus’ invitation to each one of us. We do well to ask ourselves, ‘How will I respond?’ The answer might appear to be obvious. Who would refuse such a splendid invitation? Surprisingly, most people do refuse. .

  9. Religion is just that…Religion. It’s a teaching based on the opinion of someone else, so just follow your heart.

  10. finally not christian related.
    oh so follow what you want do what your heart and soul tells you to do and actually there is a type of wiccan that can do what they want or pratice alone if they see fit it’s called a solitary witch and don’t let the word witch confuse you even though they can be wiccans not all witch are wiccans.there’s more than one type of wiccan matter of fact there’s lots.
    shamanism- looks like a cool religion i’ll have to check it out for my self too 🙂
    but just follow your heart and soul

  11. Well, what is your soul telling you? Pray and ask God about what you should do. (you can do this anytime, anywhere, and for however long you want). Then make your desicions.

  12. If you can find a Perfect Master that would be the best. But usually they contact you after you spend several lifetimes in the quest to know God.
    What happens is that after meditating under a teacher or guru, you’ll get a spiritual experience of the infinite and the fulfillment of bliss. Then you become intensely and obsessively in love with God, or Godmad. Then is the time when the Perfect Master will contact you.
    Perfect Masters are God-Realized souls who are also conscious of creation and helps other souls who are ready to know God.

  13. You should never just do what someone else tells you to do. That’s not to take away from the leadership of a priest or pastor or other person called by God to teach about His Kingdom.
    It’s also folly to think you should do what “your soul” tells you to do. Faith is about following God, not succumbing to what feels good. That doesn’t mean you mistrust yourself, it means you give yourself, your heart to God to guide, ask Him for his Holy Spirit to fill your heart and give you strength and guidance. It doesn’t make you perfect or holy to do this, it requires some discipline and faith and humilty. Religion doesn’t trump God, religion is our way of explaining organized efforts to spread God’s word and Kingdom.
    Stay away from Wicca and Shamanism. I’m not telling you that their followers are stupid or wrong or have bad intentions or aren’t peace-seeking. They’re certainly real religions that have been around for a while but they are not of God and don’t contain real Truth, just enough veneer of Truth to be entirely misleading. There is evil, there are other beings, that can and do possess the followers of these religions and seek to rub out the little spark of goodness with which the one true God has endowed us all.
    There is a series on the Discovery channel called “A Haunting”. These are cases as reported by people who’ve lived them. Season 4, episode 38 if you can find it somewhere on the net or ever watch it on tv is about a man who dabbled with Wicca after a very desperate time in his life. He was overtaken by a demon who initially disguised himself as a helpless young boy. The man had a roommate, and the evil presence did physical harm to her; enough to make her move out of the apartment. It is not the first story I’ve heard of evil and awful things happening to folks (yes, good intentioned people) who dabble with forces that they don’t understand. God is the only being who reveals himself to us through prayer and meditation. He is the only being who asks only that we serve Him through loving our enemies as we love ourselves, and forgiving others as we wish to be forgiven, and to acknowledge that we are special and unique people, worthy of the sacrifice of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. God created us, gave us free will, and allows us to fail in so many ways and will always forgive us. He also helps us to change our selfish nature, though He gives us no guarantees that we won’t fail or suffer. In fact, Jesus warned his followers that they would experience suffering as he had. This is what faith is for, to get us through the times that are so dark that we cannot see or logically believe that there is a way out of our despair. Faith and love are the strongest weapons against despair.

  14. Merry Meet Y.M.,
    Every religion in the world connects to each person on this planet on a personal level, Wicca is no different. My suggestion to you is to meditate on what path you feel is best for you. Wicca itself has some basic tenets that we all adhere to, i.e. The Wiccans Rede, The Law of Return, The Belief in Reincarnation, and that all gods are one god and all goddesses are one goddess. Outside these basic beliefs a Wiccan can shape their path to be as unique as they are. It’s all choice, and the best part is it is your choice not mine or anybody else’s.
    Always in Light and Love


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