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Should I Call a Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator, or a Priest?

There’s a ghost in one of my bedrooms who won’t leave and I tried talking to them saying that they need to go to the Light because they’re dead and they told me “Well how do I know YOURE Not dead?” and I said “Because people can see me you idiot!”
The ghost told me their name and he kept saying that this is his house and that I need to get out of it. So I looked up their name in old records and this person has been dead for 50+ years.
So should I call a psychic medium, a paranormal investigator or a priest to get this ghost out of my house so I can have some peace?
which one is more effective? cause I can’t afford all 3 of them?
this ghost is more annoying than scary.
I’m not religious so I don’t pray.


  1. call either………..GHOST BUSTERS or GHOST HUNTERS…hey, take pictures and put them on your blog……. then invite me to see them…….:0)

  2. Well, first off, Priests are usually free, its considered a work of charity. You could always give Jennifer Love Hewitt a call. She’s real good at that kind of stuff.

  3. Any Christian can get rid of it for you. But you need then to make sure that there isn’t a reason or “right” for it to come back.

  4. Accept Christ as your Savior. Ghosts are from the demonic realm. No such thing has good ghosts. And it is not an angel, cause angels always appeared in human form in the Bible

  5. Since you can comunicate with the ghost you could try to reason with him and ask him to share the space for a start and then show him how much time has passed. You can also get some friends and pray together and or see if they can sense the ghost too.
    It might be less expensive to try having your friends do what you think a priest or ghostbuster would do.
    You said you found records of him, do they mention a wife or child?
    If so you could try getting him interested in going to look for them.
    If that doesn’t work then you could pay a psychic, priest or minister. Have them bless the house.
    Your ability to talk with him improves your chance to get him to leave but before he goes be sure to have more people witness the aparition. You could also see if there is a paranormal investigators club near you that does not charge for their services they are more intent on proving or disproving each reported event. We have one locally that will travel in my state.
    You should be able to find some help that does not charge you any money. I would try that first then go to people who charge if that does not work.

  6. Hell, tell him you’re paying the mortgage and he owes you RENT!!! Then you can use that money to hire someone to get him OUT!!!

  7. Yes , ask for help. A medium can talk to them and if they are hardheaded, a medium can punish them too. Just offer a prayer for them also, thats the best that you can do to help them. Goodluck.

  8. I am not sure who to tell you to call as far as financial restrictions are applied, but if it were affordable to you I would choose all there.
    Here are some sites that would be able to hopefully help you out.
    As far as a Priest, you will need an exorcist. You would have to call your local diocesan office, and they should have atleat one or two exorcist that you can speak with.
    Paranormal Investigators like for you to research on your own first before actually involving them. Take steps to get photos, sound clips, whatever you can get to help with the investigation. For more information you send your questions to (dawn@theshadowlands.net) or visit his website, the information may be of some use http://theshadowlands.net/ghost/call.html
    Good Luck! I will keep prayers in bind for your sanity.. and for peace in your home within yourself, and the spirits that are claiming you.


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