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Should I add her on myspace and facebook?

Well this girl was my best friend a few months ago until February along with a few other girls, but the three abandoned me, saying I was annoying and I was a b!tch. Now the two abandoned the girl and I feel bad for her. She like has no friends now. I guess it was karma. Like I said. I feel bad for her. Should I add her? Even if she was the one who took it out of line? By prank calling me, making fun of me, and etc? She did write nice things in my yearbook so I guess things are cleared up?


  1. You should, it’ll show that you aren’t a mean person and since it’s online it doesn’t mean you’re best friends again. You’re just being polite. Hope things workout with you and her.

  2. NO WAAYYY!!!!!
    Even though you feel bad for her, she chose those bytches over you .she doesn’t deserve a second of your time.


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