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Should churches offer Tai Chi or Yoga classes?

Several churches in my area offer Tai Chi or Yoga classes, especially for seniors. Do any Xtians see anything wrong with this?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. This Xtian does not, I see it as a good source of exercise and nothing else, but I choose to look past the discrimination that others may find in it. I tend to look past many other religions as being just another branch of the same family too. (smile)
    Merry Xmas!

  2. It might put up some questions for the believers and dilute the stand of the orthodox church.
    However it is good for humanity to adopt best practices from each other.

  3. I’m a Christian and I train in tai chi (taijiquan), as a martial art. I did quite a bit of research into the main objections to be sure I wasn’t compromising my faith. The main objections for Christians are:
    1. Violence
    2. Other spirituality
    3. Bowing to a teacher
    4. Calling someone “teacher” or “master”, other than Jesus.
    5. How far you can go in training. For example, can a Christian become a disciple student?
    When I had satisfied myself I wasn’t going to overstep any of the Christian lines, I went ahead. I think a lot depends on the teacher. Although tai chi need not have any spirituality attached, people tend to put their own spirituality into them.
    There are many cases in the Bible where having a master or teacher were commonly accepted practices, as was being a disciple of someone. Christians need to be clear that Jesus is top of the heap and commitment to earthy leaders is always subject to our overall commitment to Him. If there is a conflict of orders, Jesus wins. Usually there won’t be. For example, if the martial arts school practises bowing to an ancestral shrine, you’d want to be exempt from that. There is nothing wrong with bowing to people in respect or greeting but if it becomes a form of worship, we don’t do it.
    As for violence – we don’t initiate it but everybody, Christians included, ought to be ready to protect others. People in the Bible were soldiers. Martial training was a fact of life. God is called “Lord of Hosts” “The Lord, our Banner”, and other military names.
    I expect most of the older people in the church want to improve their health and fitness with gentle exercise. Tai chi provides that. If taught by a genuine teacher, it is also excellent self defense. Every one of those slow movements has powerful martial applications. I can’t speak for yoga, since I’ve never done any.
    I also think that if some of the Christians in the congregation have objections to their church running a program of this kind, they have a right to voice their fears and receive well educated answers. Remember the church used to think organ music was evil, then minor key songs got the flick. Women used to wear hats until it was discovered that head coverings were more along the lines of burkahs. All of this has changed but it all had to be carefully thought through first. You have a valid question and you ought to research it carefully and ask questions of the program’s leaders.


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