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Should Christians avoid singing bowls?

I visited a friends home on yesterday; she handed me a metal bowl and a wooden stick, I had no idea what it was. She said “it’s a singing bowl” and demonstrated it for me. I held it in my hand and caused it to “sing” the sound was quite peculiar and so was the vibration that flowed through my hand from the dish.


  1. ummmmm….. huh?. what does a metal bowl have to do with christianity? I don’t quite understand why u would ask such a thing?

  2. i understand the bowl that you are trying to describe and i do not understand why you would have to avoid it at my christian catholic high school we use one in some of the theology classes and at some masses

  3. My guess is that someone you know – someone who doesn’t know how the singing bowls work and therefore is suspicious of them – told you they were potentially dangerous or evil, perhaps tools of the devil. I heard that sort of talk all the time growing up, regarding anything and everything those around me failed to comprehend.
    There are no spirits flowing through the bowls if -that’s- what someone was afraid of. It’s a perfectly normal, natural, spirit-free thing. Somewhat like running your wet fingertips over the rim of a crystal stem glass and getting that melodious “glass violin” sound. It’s just wood, metal and vibrating air – nothing for anyone of any religion to be afraid of.

  4. They’re beautiful musical instruments that make a very unique sound. I think they worry some people because the sound is almost like a voice and you can really feel the vibration. But they’re wonderful – they make you feel good and the sound is very relaxing. Take a look at https://www.himalayanbowls.com

    • For a Christian it is simple. If it is pagan/new age stay away. Satan comes as a pleasant experience as an angel of light but also as a liar. Stay away.

      • Anita, it is a good thing to want to honor Christ in all you do, but with your logic we shouldn’t put a Christmas tree in our home or dye Easter eggs during Easter because they have pagan roots also. Christ is the great redeemer! He can even redeem a singing bowl, my friends. I agree with uncleclover below. We must be careful when we throw the baby out with the bath water. Singing bowls are just a thing. They make beautiful music. They are an instrument from a different culture. Just because they are unfamiliar doesn’t make them evil.

        • Medical practices were once considered diabolical and yet now we have a sophisticated medical system that we turn to regularly. I am a Christian Sound Therapist. The bowls relieve tension without words or discussion. I pray when I use them, and I believe the love of the spirit makes the vibration even more powerful. I have only seen good results and release coming from the bowls.

      • Agreed. These are purely demonic.
        Let’s remember how God created everything… With spoken Word. Everything formed and obeyed His voice.
        These vibrations that you are using open up gateways for demons to present them selves to you home and family.
        I would steer clear away from these.

  5. I understand why the question was asked. I too am curious because from what I have seen you can get them to saying they play for luck, health ext. Also I have seen something about these bowls religious connection with Buddhism.

  6. These are purely demonic.
    Let’s remember how God created everything… With spoken Word. Everything formed and obeyed His voice.
    These vibrations that you are using open up gateways for demons to present them selves to you home and family.
    I would steer clear away from these.

    • True. It opens a portal to your soul but you have to invite the demon in through this ancient method called doctrine of demons . 1 Timothy 4:1.

    • lets “remember” that god didnt speak a human language, because there were no humans. For all we know, his language is purely vibrations, as is everything in the universe. Everything that you can see is actually molecules vibrating. Even the planets vibrate and emit a specific tone, like a beautiful orchestra in the heavens. you sound so sure of what you say, but dont be so quick to yell “witch!!!” and watch someone burn at the stake for petty paranoia. good day.

  7. Some of the singing bowls have symbols painted on them which are “lucky symbols” or words written around the edge. Since I don’t know what the words are, I would just make sure to get one that is a plain, bronze bowl. I intend to use this for meditation but to meditate on God, his word, and his love. Meditating on God is definitely in the Bible so I feel okay with getting one, especially since it helps me focus on him.

    • We vibrate and as we tune in to match heavenly vibration this can help.
      There is a counterfeit side to everything. This is how the ememy works.

  8. Those who are in Christ should know to stay away from such practices. Christmas trees, Easter eggs a like. Those things are not of our Father. The world will disagree, but pray and allow the set a part spirit to guide and teach you.

    • Everything and everyone is from the Father, and singing bowls / sound healing is a blessing from God. Christmas trees are leftover pagan practice and Easter eggs are totally modern and secular. Singing bowls are from a totally different culture… What an uninformed opinion to be spreading around.

  9. I also wish I knew more. I haven’t done much with it because I am unsure. However I do know that God created the universe, He created the sun, moon, stars and their magnetic pull. He created sound waves and He created are body to be an electrical “system”. The world takes good and makes it bad, bad and makes it good. Our family has used essential oils for healing long before it was a trend. I used to tell the kids not to mention it to their friends because others think it’s crazy. Now it’s the norm. But God meant it for our healing from the beginning. Look at Ezekeil 47:12. Could sound therapy be the same? Is His waves something He gave us for healing but the world is just used to giving a pill?

  10. Tibetan bowls have spiritual roots based in Buddhism and Taoism. Bowls have different sounds that are supposed to help heal the body, balance chakras, relax the body and meditation. Does the Bible suggest we use bowls for healing or balancing chakras? Are you comfortable using something that one would find in a new age or Buddhist centre/store?
    Bowls have different sounds/vibrations that are said the affect the chakras. Have a look at chakras, third eye and Kundalini. Do you really want to go down that road?


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